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Crown & Andrews Chemistry Set

by Crown & Andrews

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Set up 100 amazing experiments and discover scientific laws that account for the workings of the world with the Action Science chemistry set. Observe spectacular chemical reactions, create crystals, discover how rockets work and much more with this chemistry set! Safe and educational, this chemistry kit contains everything you need to create your own fun laboratory. You can use the easy to follow booklet to work through each experiment.

The set includes 11 chemicals, safety goggles, 4 test tubes and a test tube brush, metal tongs, spirit burner, filter paper, spatula, funnel, equipment rack, watch glass, glass tubing, glass rod, rubber tubing, 2 drilled corks and 2 solid corks, flask, pipette, metal test tube holder and litmus paper.

Warning: For use under adult supervision (Example – chemistry sets, miniature ceramic or enamelling sets, photography sets).

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Crown & Andrews
Minimum Age
10+ Years

Product Reviews

18 Aug, 2017
By Gillian
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