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After Order Care

Where's my order?

Our delivery information is as transparent as possible to ensure you feel secure in purchasing from us.

Every product on The Nile states the location it is being sourced from, as well as the estimated time it will take to ship from that location and deliver to your door.

Please check the status of your order here: track my order
Never hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team with any questions you have.


Order consolidation

If you place an order for multiple items, with different delivery times, some or all of the items may be consolidated and shipped together in a single package.

This means that if some items from your order are already in our fulfilment centre, they may be held from shipment until the other items have arrived.


Cancelling an order

If you change your mind, you can request that we cancel your order. Just a heads up that we can’t always stop orders from being sent, as some items do get shipped out quickly. If this happens to you, you can return the item, but you will need to be mindful of our returns policy.


Undeliverable packages

In the rare occasion an order is returned and marked as undeliverable, we will refund you the total of the order. If this needs to happen, we will email you and let you know straight away. If you still need the item, you can re-place an order via our website.


Damaged, defective or incorrect items

There are things that can go wrong with items and these are things we will do our best to fix as soon as we know. If any of the following happens with your item, please get in touch as soon as you can.

Sometimes items can get damaged in the post, despite our best efforts to protect them, once they are sent out from our warehouse. Also, every now and then we will send out items that have a defect. This is usually because we overlooked it, when rushing out the item out the door to you. Another thing that could go wrong is that you could receive an incorrect item, and that happens for one of two reasons. We either made an error with our description or the wrong item was sent because of human error. We apologise wholeheartedly in any of these situations, when the item received is not up to your expectations. Please let us know immediately and we will fix the situation.

We kindly request that you don’t try to return the item without letting us know as every situation can be resolved differently.