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Sunbeam Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

by Sunbeam

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Grind Direct to Handle: Grind only the coffee you need, because fresh is always best to ensure a great tasting espresso.

Metal Conical Burrs: Durable conical burrs retain the quality of the coffee and deliver a consistent, even grind.

25 Grind Settings: Enables complete control of the coffee particle size to achieve a perfect espresso extraction.

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Product Reviews

15 Apr, 2019
So far it is grinding the coffee to a consistent fineness. Controls seem to work well. The wear and tear on my last sunbeam conical burr coffee grinder made it unusable for coffee making.
By Ivor
11 Apr, 2019
Works well however the minimum grind is not as fine as my last grinder, also a Sunbeam, and is only just fine enough for espresso coffee machine.
By Graeme
27 Jan, 2019
really good
By kate
26 Sep, 2017
seems to work fine
thankyou J Walsh
By john
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