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Russell Brand

PUBLISHED: 31st July 2018
ISBN: 9781509850860
'This book is not just about extremists like me. This is a book about you.'
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PUBLISHED: 31st July 2018
ISBN: 9781509850860
'This book is not just about extremists like me. This is a book about you.'


'This book is not just about extremists like me. This is a book about you.'

Publisher Description

This is the age of addiction, a condition so epidemic, so all encompassing and ubiquitous that unless you are fortunate enough to be an extreme case, you probably don't know that you have it.

What unhealthy habits and attachments are holding your life together? Are you unconsciously dependent on food? Bad relationships? A job that doesn't fulfill you? Numb, constant perusal of your phone, looking for what?

My qualification for writing this book is not that I am better than you, it's that I am worse. I am an addict, addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, money, love and fame.

The program in Twelve has given Russell Brand freedom from all addictions and it will do the same for you.

This system offers nothing less than liberation from self-centredness, a new perspective, freedom from the illusion of suffering for anyone who is willing to take the necessary steps.

Author Biography

Russell Brand is an award-winning comedian, writer, actor and presenter.

Russell rose to fame in 2003 for his work as a presenter on MTV and on Big Brother spin-off, Big Brother's Big Mouth. Since then he has become one of the most recognisable and best-loved comedy performers in the world, with a series of sold-out tours, bestselling DVDs and a number of major film roles to his name.

Russell is also a phenomenally successful writer with best-selling titles with sales in excess of 1.6 million copies including autobiographies My Booky Wook, My Booky Wook 2 and Revolution.

Table of Contents

Section - 1: Part One Introduction - 1: Foreword Chapter - 1: Are you a bit fcked? Chapter - 2: Could you not be fcked? Chapter - 3: Are you, on your own, going to `unfck' yourself? Chapter - 4: Write down all the things that are fcking you up or have ever fcked you up and don't lie, or leave anything out Chapter - 5: Honestly tell someone trustworthy about how fcked you are Chapter - 6: Well that's revealed a lot of fcked up patterns. Do you want to stop it? Seriously? Chapter - 7: Are you willing to live in a new way that's not at all about you and your previous, fcked up stuff? You have to Chapter - 8: Prepare to apologize to everyone for everything affected by your being so fcked up Chapter - 9: Now apologize. Unless that would make things worse Chapter - 10: Watch out for fcked up thinking and behaviour and be honest when it happens Chapter - 11: Stay connected to your new perspective Chapter - 12: Look at life less selfishly, be nice to everyone, help people if you can Chapter - 13: The Birth Chapter - 14: Conclusion Section - 2: Part Two Chapter - 1: How to live it: The Exercises Chapter - 2: Endnote Chapter - 3: Afterword Chapter - 4: Resources Acknowledgements - 5: Acknowledgements


Russell Brand's book may be based on recovery from addictions including drugs, alcohol and fame but it also takes a look at those who may be addicted to their phones and the possible reasons why. It's a look at ways to break free from whatever your addiction is, and not to be bound by it - whether that's to look the best you can all the time or whether your life is putting everything on Instagram -- Cosmopolitan Lays open a path to recovery for all -- the I Recovery is a beautifully written book with a message about the human condition that will strike a chord with many, if not all, of us. -- Ruth Hughes, Express If you do not consider yourself to be an addict in the traditional sense, don't let that stop you from reading this book. Through the prism of his own experiences with addiction, eating disorders and abuse, Russell has captured essential, universal truths about modern society and the human condition. There is something here for everyone. He draws on wisdom throughout the ages and makes it relevant to the age of social media. Recovery manages to be both beautifully written and accessible. This is, in my opinion, Russell's finest written work to date -- Natasha Devon MBE, mental health campaigner and author of A Beginner's Guide to Being Mental Recovery conveys the kind of pointed wisdom that usually comes from having woken up to our suffering, and is therefore real. Outspoken, outrageous and courageous all at once, reading it is likely to jolt you into seeing things in a new way. And you will find that this new way will include, in the most natural, unfeigned manner, a sincere wish to be of service to others. -- Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Love and Real Happiness Yum Yum Yum. Russell is an example of how the path of recovery and the spiritual path can be one and the same, a path towards inner love and freedom from attachment. -- Ram Dass One of his most endearing qualities is his emotional honesty - his openness about his flaws and ignorance, and his confidence despite them. -- CALM Russell Brand brings an exhaustive and profound understanding of what it means to be felled by addiction and how to stand back up again. It is potentially there in all of us. -- Men's Health While the insights are not original, the experience of them is unique and it's Brand's own story that gives the book its energy. For anyone with an abiding interest in Russell Brand. -- The Observer There is no better lesson to be learnt than by someone who has lived it. And with that in mind, Russell Brand is a man to listen to. Carefully. Beneath the performance he talks sense. A lot of it. -- Stylist Personally it always struck me as a bit unfair that only raging alcoholics and hopeless drug addicts got to practice the 12 steps, given how they provide such an invaluable emotional toolbox - now, thanks to the vision (his critics might say the ego) of Russell Brand, they are available to all. -- Suzanne Harrington, Irish Examiner The premise of his programme is that the 12 steps followed by Alcoholics Anonymous can work for anyone. Recovery is the 12 steps, as translated by Russell Brand. -- Sunday Times A thought-provoking explication of the 12-step program -- New York Times Recovery should be read by the world -- Ruby Wax This is a brave and useful book, that I read in one day. It offers real insight into addiction and the stuff that drives it and Russell has done a great service in tackling the classic twelve steps in a non-reverential and totally entertaining kind of way that will help a lot of people. It feels wrong to say it is an addictive read, given the subject, but it really is. Russell doesn't just want to save our souls he wants to entertain us on the way. -- Matt Haig, author of How to Stop Time and Reasons to Stay Alive


Short-listed for British Book Awards: Non-Fiction Lifestyle Book of the Year 2018 (UK)

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Publication Date
Russell Brand
Pan Macmillan
Audience Age
Freedom From Our Addictions
Country of Publication
United Kingdom