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Un-cook Yourself

by Nat's What I Reckon

  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 1st December 2020
ISBN: 9781761040900
Learn how to be a better d*ckhead with Nat's deep and meaningful guide to life. Good onya, champ!
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  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 1st December 2020
ISBN: 9781761040900
Learn how to be a better d*ckhead with Nat's deep and meaningful guide to life. Good onya, champ!


Learn how to be a better d*ckhead with Nat's deep and meaningful guide to life. Good onya, champ!

Publisher Description

Nat's What I Reckon was the tattooed lockdown saviour we didn't know we needed, rescuing us from packet food, jar sauce and total boredom with his hilarious viral recipe videos that got us cooking at home like champions again.

Now that we've cooked our way out of lockdown and are wondering what the hell to do next, Nat's back - and he's ready to teach us more about life in this thoroughly unhelpful (but maybe actually kinda helpful) self-help guide.

Nat's already shown us that jar sauce can get f-cked. But what else is sh-t - and what's actually not sh-t? Is it all as bad as we feel like it is most of the time?

No part of our weird world and strange behaviour is spared as our long-haired guru tells us what he reckons about it all - and amps up the flavour with some eye-watering stories from his early years before a sweary video about pasta sauce shot him to global fame.

With Nat's nine no-nonsense rules, you'll be on the road to being less of a d-ckhead faster than you can say 'quarantine spirit risotto with parzley on top'. And if you screw it up- it doesn't bloody Parramatta, champ.

Features a small illustrated selection of Nat's favourite recipes

Author Biography

Content creator, comedian, rock musician, isolation cooking champion and mental health ambassador Nat has been making videos as Nat’s What I Reckon for almost a decade. His hilarious social commentary has collected Nat a fast-growing, dedicated audience of over 2 million along the way, and his videos have clocked up more than 100 million views across all platforms. Finding entertainment everywhere from the weird to the pedestrian, Nat has taken the playful and thorough piss out of everything from trade shows and tattoo events to burnout festivals and exploring Area 51.

In response to the craziness he was seeing when COVID-19 crashed the party, Nat waged a war against processed food and launched a no-nonsense instructional video for one of his tried and true recipes. It struck a chord and sent views skyrocketing. This unlikely hero of lockdown got the internet cooking (and laughing) again.

When he’s not filming, cooking or foraging for rosemary, Nat can often be found indulging his love of rock'n'roll and comedy, playing in various bands and stand-up rooms around Sydney.

Product Details

A Ratbag's Rules for Life
Nat's What I Reckon
Random House
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Un-Cook Yourself
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Product Reviews

14 Mar, 2021
By Ashlee
09 Mar, 2021
By Renae
01 Mar, 2021
Great read. Sensational book.
By Michael
21 Feb, 2021
Top notch
By Jesse
26 Jan, 2021
Loved it!
By Gillian
13 Jan, 2021
Great format. Exactly in the style of the vids - off the wall
By dennis
07 Jan, 2021
Does what it says on the tin! Nat's writing style mirrors his speaking style, and his frank and unabashed "unglamour" is very engaging. Have a read for yourself and support a champion, ya ratbags.
By Morgan
07 Jan, 2021
The person who received it on Christmas day was absolutely stoked!
By Kimberley