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Emotional Intelligence

Mourad Ali Eissa and Jerrell C. Cassady

PUBLISHED: 30th September 2008
ISBN: 9781433101953
Emotional Intelligence
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PUBLISHED: 30th September 2008
ISBN: 9781433101953

Publisher Description

This edited volume brings together work from leading scholars and new voices in the field of emotional intelligence. It examines emotional intelligence from the perspectives of educational psychology and positive psychology, with integrations across the two disciplines. Viewing emotional intelligence through these frameworks allows and illuminates the exploration of its positive potential and of emotional processing in contexts such as schools and workplaces. Readers will find leading empirical and theoretical views on emotional intelligence presented in this comprehensive collection, as well as inspiration for future research.

Author Biography

The Editors: Jerrell C. Cassady is Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Educational Psychology at Ball State University. He has published five book chapters and over 30 articles in professional peer-review journals. His research examines several core topics around maximizing student learning potential and focuses on the topics of academic anxiety; using learner-focused technology to enhance learning; and supporting teachers' uses of learning materials to meet the unique needs of their students. Dr. Cassady is the Director of the Academic Anxiety Research Center, co-editor of The Teacher Educator, and provides research and evaluation support to several programs with a national focus. He has also received the 2007 Mensa Education and Research Foundation Award for Excellence in Research. Mourad Ali Eissa is the head of the Centre of Quality and Accreditation, Zagazig University, Egypt. He has authored and co-authored 38 books, including a series of 12 books investigating special needs learners' processing patterns, or "how the special needs brain learns". His work on supporting students with special needs has examined the role of multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence, learning styles, and dyslexia. He also published a set of four books on research methods for psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, and child psychology. He is widely known for work exploring the use of educational technology to support learning for students with learning disabilities or other special needs.

Table of Contents

Contents: Jerrell C. Cassady/Justin J. Boseck: Educational Psychology and Emotional Intelligence: Toward a Functional Model for Emotional Information Processing in Schools - Kelly B.T. Chang: Can We Improve Emotional Intelligence? Addressing the Positive Psychology Goal of Enhancing Strengths - Stella Mavroveli/K.V. Petrides/Carolien Rieffe/Femke Bakker: Trait Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Well-being, and Peer-rated Social Competence in Adolescence - K.V. Petrides/Yolanda Sangareau/Adrian Furnham/Norah Frederickson: Trait Emotional Intelligence and Children's Peer Relations at School - Mourad Ali Eissa/Waleed El Said Khalifa: Emotional Intelligence and Self-efficacy as Predictors of Job Stress Among Elementary School Teachers in Egypt - Elizabeth M. Freeland/Robert A. Terry/Joseph L. Rodgers: Emotional Intelligence: What's in a Name? - Adrian Furnham/K.V. Petrides: Trait Emotional Intelligence and Happiness - Benjamin Palmer/Catherine Donaldson/Con Stough: Emotional Intelligence and Life Satisfaction - Michele M. Tugade/Barbara L. Fredrickson: Positive Emotions and Emotional Intelligence - Lennart Sjoberg: Emotional Intelligence and Life Adjustment - Peter Salovey/John D. Mayer/David Caruso/Seung Hee Yoo: The Positive Psychology of Emotional Intelligence - Mourad Ali Eissa/Justin J. Boseck/Jerrell C. Cassady: Positive Emotions and Health Benefits: The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Coping.

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Mourad Ali Eissa, Jerrell C. Cassady
Peter Lang Publishing Inc
Perspectives on Educational and Positive Psychology
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United States
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Mourad Ali Eissa, Jerrell C. Cassady
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