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Little Bird Goodness

Megan May

  • Hardcover
PUBLISHED: 28th August 2017
ISBN: 9780143770886
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  • Hardcover
PUBLISHED: 28th August 2017
ISBN: 9780143770886

Publisher Description

Megan May shares more than 130 thoroughly irresistible, mostly raw plant-based recipes from her award-winning Little Bird Unbakery cafes and home kitchen. You'll find recipes for almost every meal to enhance your health, make you feel great and benefit the environment in the process. Ranging from decadent healthy desserts to green smoothies, plus staples such as nut milks, nut cheeses and probiotic-packed fermented foods, including kimchi and kombucha, these dishes will inspire you to fill your plate with an abundance of beautiful plant-based wholefoods. All of the recipes are suitable for a vegan diet and are gluten- and dairy-free. Most importantly, they are utterly delicious.

Author Biography

Megan May is the chef and creator of Little Bird Organics and the Unbakery cafes. Her passion for organic plant-based wholefoods comes from growing up on an organic farm, studying environmental science and overcoming allergies and other health-related issues with a mostly raw plant-based diet. She wholeheartedly believes that we can enhance our health and improve environmental sustainability by embracing a plant-based diet . Her delicious wholefoods recipes cater to anyone with a love of healthy, great tasting food.


"The two most important restaurateurs in Auckland right now are Al Brown and Megan May. Al Brown you will know of course -- every casual eatery that opens in this city for the next 10 years will be judged against his flawless restaurant, Depot. Megan May owns the flagship Unbakery in Ponsonby, as well as sister outlets in Kingsland and Britomart. The waitlist at these places can be almost as long as at Depot. Her food is most famous for being raw, but that's only one of the ways in which it stands out. She uses no meat or wheat, no dairy or egg, no refined sugars, salts or carbohydrates. Her menu's packed with heavy lifters -- foods that provide a high ratio of nutrition to calories. And yet it tastes incredible. You would eat it if there were no health benefits, just for the flavours, textures and colours. Her tacos taste as delicious as the ones at Mexico -- they just happen to be extremely good for you." --NZ Herald

Product Details

Megan May
Penguin Group (NZ)
Publication Date
Country of Publication
New Zealand

Product Reviews

23 Oct, 2018
By Katie
27 Apr, 2018
By Brenna
01 Apr, 2018
Such a treasure trove of easy to use wholesome recipes. Easy to follow and lots of really useful information.
By Moira