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Health Your Self

Dr Nic Gill

  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 17th September 2018
ISBN: 9780143772118
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  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 17th September 2018
ISBN: 9780143772118

Publisher Description

"This book gives you the knowledge you need to build your own personal health and fitness plan – one that works with the life you lead. So run, jump or dive right in, and find out how to become your own health guru." – Dr Nic Gill

Health Your Self is a practical, fresh-thinking health guide from the All Blacks’ strength and conditioning coach, Dr Nic Gill.

In this timely response to troubling health trends and the overwhelming demands of our ever-busy lives, Nic tackles many of the missteps and misconceptions we encounter in an average day, offering

  • empowering advice
  • health hacks
  • case studies
  • real-life stories
  • exercises
  • recipes

Incorporating a ton of health, nutrition and scientific know-how, Health Your Self ditches fads and instead provides common-sense and practical solutions. It’s a book that myth-busts, motivates and will get you moving.

Health Your Self makes achieving a healthier, happier life just that little bit easier.

Author Biography

Dr Nic Gill is a professional strength and conditioning coach and an associate professor in human performance. He is best known for his work in rugby, with 18 years working in the sport. For the last 11 years, Nic has been the strength and conditioning coach for the All Blacks, a period of unprecedented international success for the team that has included more than 120 rugby test match wins and World Cup titles in 2011 and 2015.

Beyond rugby, Nic has experience in a variety of other sports, including work as strength and power coach for the record-breaking rowers Eric Murray and Hamish Bond, and strength and conditioning coach of NZ Track Cycling Endurance team leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

In addition to helping individuals and teams strive towards high performance, Nic is a lifestyle and fitness coach for a number of international corporate organisations and individuals who take their own health, fitness, well-being and performance seriously.

Nic continues to study and research many areas of human performance at the University of Waikato, constantly refining and evolving his philosophy for being fit and healthy, and having the 'winning edge' in life and in competition.

Product Details

Dr Nic Gill
Penguin Group (NZ)
Country of Publication
New Zealand
Publication Date

Product Reviews

12 Nov, 2018
Great ideas and recipes
By Vicki P
29 Oct, 2018
By Gail K
24 Oct, 2018
Some of the writing is hard to read, like white type on a lime green back ground
By Erica R
24 Oct, 2018
By John W