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CURRENT Diagnosis and Treatment Emergency Medicine, Eighth Edition

by C. Keith Stone and Roger Humphries

  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 31st July 2017
ISBN: 9780071840613
Authoritative, easy-access coverage for Emergency Department clinicians who need answers NOW
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  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 31st July 2017
ISBN: 9780071840613
Authoritative, easy-access coverage for Emergency Department clinicians who need answers NOW


Authoritative, easy-access coverage for Emergency Department clinicians who need answers NOW

Publisher Description

Authoritative, easy-access coverage for Emergency Department clinicians who need answers NOW

Essential for anyone practicing in an emergency department or acute care setting, this new edition of CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment Emergency Medicine strikes the perfect balance between brevity and clinical necessity. It delivers exactly the amount of information needed for quick diagnosis, effective treatment, and improved outcomes - no more, no less. The book emphasizes immediate management of life-threatening problems, then covers the evaluation and treatment of specific diseases. The problem-based organization encompasses all aspects of emergency medicine, including common emergencies, trauma, neonatal and pediatric emergencies.

  • NEW! Increased number of procedural diagrams, new coverage of emergency bedside ultrasound and procedural sedation; updates throughout
  • Extensive at-a-glance algorithms facilitate rapid management and diagnosis

Author Biography

Chair Department of Emergency Medicine Texas A & M University Health Sciences Center Scott & White Memorial Hospital Temple Texas

Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Table of Contents


  1. Approach to the Emergency Department Patient, T. Russell Jones
  2. Prehospital Emergency Services, Margaret Strecker-McGraw and Kimrey J. Daniel
  3. Nuclear, Biologic, and Chemical Agents; Weapons of Mass Destruction, David L. Morgan and Christopher Ortiz
  4. Disaster Medicine, Gregory A. Starr, Thomas W. Allen, and Charles E. Stewart
  5. Legal Aspects of Emergency Care, Charles A. Eckerline, Jr. and Jonathan C. Brantley
  6. Emergency Bedside Ultrasound, David A. Fritz
  7. Emergency Procedures, William Randall Partin and Colby Dorrah
  8. Procedural Sedation and Analgesia, Christopher Colvin II: MANAGEMENT OF COMMON EMERGENCY PROBLEMS
  9. Basic & Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Eric C. Goshorn, Justin A. Kan, and Salvator J. Vicario
  10. Compromised Airway, Justin Knowles and Allison Rains
  11. Shock, William F. Young, Jr.
  12. The Multiply Injured Patient, Julia Martin
  13. Respiratory Distress, C. Keith Stone
  14. Chest Pain, Martin R. Huecker and Daniel J. O'Brien
  15. Abdominal Pain, Justin Coomes and Melissa Platt
  16. Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Timothy G. Price and Zachary E. Armstrong
  17. Coma, Dylan B. Medley and James E. Morris
  18. Syncope, C. Keith Stone, Margaret Strecker-McGraw, and Andrew Juergens
  19. Seizures, C. Keith Stone
  20. Headache, C. Keith Stone
  21. Arthritis & Back Pain, Ryan P. Woods and Jason Seamon III: TRAUMA EMERGENCIES
  22. Head Injuries, Roger L. Humphries
  23. Maxillofacial & Neck Trauma, Alicia A. Shirakbari and Marshall Hall
  24. Chest Trauma, Jonathan Jones and Seth Searley
  25. Abdominal Trauma, Sonya C. Melville and Daniel E. Melville
  26. Genitourinary Trauma, Brian Adkins
  27. Vertebral Column & Spinal Cord Trauma, S. Derrick Fowler and Jason Seamon
  28. Orthopedic Emergencies, Royce Coleman and Alison Reiland
  29. Hand Trauma, Bill Ewen and Raymond G. Hart
  30. Wound Care, Thomas R. Jones IV: NONTRAUMA EMERGENCIES
  31. Eye Emergencies, Robert D. Greenberg and Kimrey J. Daniel
  32. Emergency Disorders of the Ear, Nose, Sinuses, Oropharynx, and Mouth, Timothy C. Stallard
  33. Pulmonary Emergencies, David A. Smith
  34. Cardiac Emergencies, Sameer Desai
  35. Cardiac Arrhythmias, Joseph Heidenreich
  36. Gastrointestinal Emergencies, Elizabeth Davis and Kimberly J. Powers
  37. Neurologic Emergencies, C. Keith Stone
  38. Obstetric and Gynecological Emergencies and Rape, Ryan Tucker and Melissa Platt
  39. Genitourinary Emergencies, Joseph Heidenreich
  40. Vascular Emergencies, David A. Fritz
  41. Hematologic Emergencies, M.K. Strecker-McGraw and Mark Andrew Wilson
  42. Infectious Disease Emergencies, Jon Jaffe and Taylor Ratcliff
  43. Metabolic & Endocrine Emergencies, Martin R. Huecker and Daniel F. Danzl
  44. Fluid, Electrolyte, & Acid-Base Emergencies, James E. Morris
  45. Burns & Smoke Inhalation, Dorian Drigalla and Jennifer Gemmill
  46. Disorders Due to Physical & Environmental Agents, Rebecca C. Bowers and M. Virginia Mustain
  47. Poisoning, David L. Morgan and Douglas J. Borys
  48. Dermatologic Emergencies, Kavon Azadi and Boyd Burns
  49. Psychiatric Emergencies, Eric J. Brown and Lori Whelan
  50. Pediatric Emergencies, Maria Stephan, Craig Carter, and Shah Ashfaq

Product Details

McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
Country of Publication
United States
C. Keith Stone, Roger Humphries
Publication Date
225 Illustrations, unspecified

Product Reviews

24 Apr, 2018
By Zoltan