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ergoPouch Window Blockout, 3 Rolls (White) - 46 x 183cm

by ergoPouch

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The new & improved reusable static-cling Window Blockout is the perfect solution for babies and toddlers who need total darkness in their room to sleep and dream the night away.

The Window Blockout is now white on both sides to seamlessly blend in with your child's space. The room side will block out the light and the outward-facing side will reflect light away from your windows, which can help regulate the room's temperature for a more comfortable sleep.

  • Non-toxic, static-cling sheets that leave zero residue.
  • Can be reused multiple times.
  • Blocks 100% of sunlight.
  • White on both sides.
  • Easy to cut to size, apply and clean.
  • Ideal for travel, can be rolled up for transport.


  1. Measure your window and cut sheets to appropriate size.
  2. Using a spray bottle or a damp cloth, lightly apply water to the window. (The sheet can cling to the window without water, however a wet surface provides a better result).
  3. Peel the blockout from the storage sheet.
  4. Gently cling the sheet at the desired height and smooth the rest of the sheet down with your hand or a plastic card. Air bubbles? Don't stress, simply peel off and start again.

Removal: Gently remove the sheet by peeling it towards you, away from the window. You can fold or roll for storage to be reused again.

Product Details

46 x 183cm

Product Reviews

27 Apr, 2021
It doesn’t fit flush with our window trim to some light comes in thru cracks
With water adhesion it has come off window once or twice
By Rachel
16 Feb, 2021
We love this stuff. It blocks out the light and the heat, it is also pretty, you can cut it however you like, make an art deco design if you wish. I don't know how it lasts, but I'll let you know next year, because even if it only lasted a year, it still would be worth it. Super impressed!
By Janette
13 Jan, 2021
I'm using this as an alternative to bedroom curtains for our dust sensitive family. It blocks light and heat very effectively in our Queensland home and looks good too.
By Jennifer
11 Jan, 2021
Not hard to use but is quite time consuming on first set up as theres lots of measuring and cutting. I cut it bigger than the actual window itself so it overlaps around the edges so theres no light peeping through along the edges of the window frame. Comes off super easy.

Hardest part is cutting to the right size and getting it to stick straight.

Wish it came in a bigger size as we have big windows and they do not JOIN very well. I have just used masking tape to stop it from falling off where they join each other.

Otherwise, great product and really does the job! Awesome that you can use the window as normal and not obstructed.

I also have the Tommee tippee blockout blinds are these are way superior in blocking out light. Though the tommee tippee ones are super easy to suction on.
By Anna
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