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Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Trio Gift Set: Toy, Teething Ring & Key Chain

by Vulli

$48.86 + free shipping
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From Australia
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Feb 26 – Mar 01
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The perfect new baby gift! Includes: Sophie la Giraffe, baby's first toy in 100% natural rubber to stimulate all the senses. So Pure Teething Ring in 100% natural rubber - ideal to soothe painful gums, with multiple parts to chew (ears, horns, legs). Sophie the Giraffe key ring in 100% natural rubber so Mummy can have her very own Sophie the Giraffe

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Product Reviews

21 Feb, 2019
By Kate W
18 Feb, 2019
So happy with how fast my order arrived and was the cheapest price I found! My little one loves his Sophie and teething ring
By Rachel g
24 Jan, 2019
By Grace l
21 Jan, 2019
By Chantal V
10 Dec, 2018
By Emma S
04 Dec, 2018
By Lisa G
18 Oct, 2018
By Kristie B
17 Oct, 2018
Nothing to dislike about this product, i look forward to seeing my granddaughter enjoy it.
By Tuainekore T
30 Sep, 2018
By Rachel H
24 Sep, 2018
By Shirley K
17 Sep, 2018
By Shirley W
08 Sep, 2018
By Hope F
03 Sep, 2018
By Henro V
31 Aug, 2018
By Antonina V
23 Aug, 2018
My newborn baby enjoys using all three giraffes.
By Ange C
23 Aug, 2018
Given as a present very well received
By Tracey r
01 Aug, 2018
The product is brilliant for teething and also general use as a toy, light to carry, easy to clean, hard to break. It does however have a valve in the back so it can squeak which is appealing to children but i worry about it building up moisture inside and getting mouldy in the humid climate.
By Sarah M
03 Jul, 2018
By Heather L
09 May, 2018
By Anna w
08 May, 2018
By Sheena
23 Apr, 2018
My son love this product but i dont use the keyring as a teething toy as it gets very dirty quickly
By Sarah g
09 Apr, 2018
Bub loves it
By Jasmin G
02 Apr, 2018
By Zeynep C
25 Mar, 2018
By Franca A
22 Mar, 2018
Great gift for a newborn!
By Tim M
12 Sep, 2017
Scarlett loves them both but at the moment prefers the teething ring..easy for small hands to grip and hold onto
By Robyn B
29 Jun, 2017
Amazing product. My Baby absolutely Loves it :)
By Tasha N
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