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Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Day & Night

by Tommee Tippee

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PUBLISHED: 31st January 2019


Your little dream machine for happy, easy, feeds, right around the clock


  • Makes bottle in 2 mins - 10x faster than using a kettle and delivers feed to body temperature like natural breast milk.
  • 70 degree 'hot shot' to sterilise and kill bacteria in formula. The initial burst of hot water also helps to dissolve the formula quickly and easily. After the hot shot, cooler water is dispensed to ensure every bottle is delivered at body temperature - just like breast milk.
  • Anti-bacterial filter. Your Perfect Prep Day & Night is designed to use with water straight from the tap. The unique filtration membrane removes bacteria and other contaminants that can be found in water, ensuring your water is clean and safe to make a bottle feed.

New Features on the Perfect Prep Machine Day & Night

  • Digital display - even easier to operate! Lights up at the press of a button for step-by-step instructions.
  • Adjustable volume for quiet alerts.
  • Lights in tank & stand. Soft glow tank lights show if your tank needs refilling.
  • New styling.
  • More robust bottle stand. Bottle stand downlights allow you to prepare your feed, even in the dark.

Product Details

Tommee Tippee

Product Reviews

15 Apr, 2021
Amazing product. Bought it for my sister and her boy, it has made late night feeds a breeze !
By Maggie
15 Apr, 2021
Such an easy way to make a bottle quickly. Would be awesome if you could choose to have a slightly hotter or cooler bottle if your little one likes it different to the standard temp but apart from that it’s awesome!
By Emma
03 Apr, 2021
Absolute game changer! Brilliant for night feeds.
By Priscilla
16 Mar, 2021
Bottles are so very easy to make now and are ready to go. The machine is easy to set up and cleaning is simple. I bought this machine for my daughter to use. I wish we had this technology back in my day
By Gaylia
27 Jan, 2021
Amazing! It is a life & time saver!
By Lauren
07 Jan, 2021
Makes a perfect temperature bottle in minutes, super useful!
By Emma
16 Jun, 2020
Extremely convenient and fast. Only downsides are it doesn’t make 50ml or 100ml bottles. 150ml is the smallest it makes. It is also very loud
By Aislinn
21 May, 2020
By Daniel
03 May, 2020
Love our machine only con is that it doesn't go lower then 120mils so for the first few weeks we had to make 120mils and tip the water out. But overall amazing best investment.
By Rickki
16 Feb, 2020
By Wayne
15 Feb, 2020
By Gemma
26 Nov, 2019
By Chanyelle
05 Nov, 2019
By Sally
21 Oct, 2019
Absolutely love it! So easy to use and so quick! Wish we bought it a lot sooner than we did.
By Roxanne
07 Oct, 2019
By Amie
03 Oct, 2019
By Sandy
13 Sep, 2019
By Sarah
23 Jul, 2019
Bestest investment i could have spent my money on. Those night time and day time feeds with the perfect temp bottle for my baby without standing around at jug. what more do u want
By Trivia
19 Jul, 2019
So simple & quick to use, great that you don't have to worry about the temperature of the milk.
By Joan
18 Jul, 2019
BUY THIS, BUY IT NOW! Anything to help the night feeds be less painful. Super quick and easy to make bottles while half asleep (we have set ours up in the hallway outside our room so we don’t have to trek downstairs to the kitchen). I only took a star of as the smallest bottle you can make is 120ml so in the first few weeks you waste a bit of formula but still so worth it! God speed :p
By Cassie
03 Jul, 2019
Quick, easy and convenient to use
By kenzie
03 Jul, 2019
Being able to use it… knowing the milk it’s ready to go and perfect for grandchild……our daughter has a machine and we were so impressed we purchased one too…
By Nikki
02 Jul, 2019
By Ursula
09 Jun, 2019
Great product and so amazing to have to make your life so much easier. Would love for options to make a bottle of less that 120ml though.
By Kim
05 Jun, 2019
Using for preparing my sons bottles makes them perfect no lumps of formula left as the hot shot dissolves it all so easy when only one had free amazing to use anytime of day! My parents just brought another for there house highly recommend can’t fault it!
By Emma
30 Apr, 2019
Awesome best invention ever
By Nicole
20 Mar, 2019
Love that it gets the right temperature
By Michelle
21 Feb, 2019
Love it, so quick & easy, especially when you have a screaming baby.
By Christina
21 Feb, 2019
Perfect for those late night/early morning feeds!
By Amanda
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