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The Gro Company Gro-Clock Baby Sleep Trainer Night Light with Bedtime Storybook

by The Gro Company

$51.94 + free shipping
or 4 payments of $12.98
Ships Tomorrow
Ships from Australia
Expected delivery Jan 25 – Jan 29


Are 5 am wake up calls part of the routine in your house? The Groclock uses fun images of the stars and sun to help your little ones learn when it's time to rise and shine and when it's time to go back to sleep! Throughout the night the Groclock will show its moon screen and the stars will countdown to the time you have set for the sun to come up. No more getting up at 5am!

The Groclock also comes with a beautifully illustrated book called 'Sleepy Farm' which helps encourage children to stay in bed longer, which means more sleep for them and more sleep for you! It is this combination of the simple glowing images and the bedtime story book which has already made the Groclock a phenomenal success for hundreds of toddlers.


  • Suitable for ages 2+ years
  • Product dimensions - 12cm x 16cm x 22cm
  • Glowing screen showing images of stars and sun to comunicate 'sleep' and 'wake-up' time
  • Fun bedtime story book
  • Stars go out one-by-one during the night to show the passing of time
  • Key-lock option so exploring todller hands can't wake the sun up early
  • Option to set two seperate wake-up times (for weekday/weekend or night-time/day-time nap)
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Optional audible alarm
  • Mains powered (adapter included)

Product Details

The Gro Company

Product Reviews

11 Dec, 2017
By Tom J
05 Dec, 2017
By Stephanie G
25 Oct, 2017
By Nina L
21 Oct, 2017
By Carolyn S
27 Sep, 2017
By Michael B
27 Sep, 2017
By Alana E
27 Sep, 2017
By Holley A
27 Sep, 2017
Easy concept for my 3 year old to grasp. Quickly became part of bedtime routine to set clock. Love it.
By Lisa M
26 Sep, 2017
By Dannelle S
26 Sep, 2017
Weird menu/settings.
By Brian M
26 Sep, 2017
By Andrea S
26 Sep, 2017
Master 2.5 enjoys saying goodnight to the sun and hello to the stars as he goes to bed at night. He understands that he needs to stay in bed until the sun comes up in the morning. Re-setting it can be a bit fiddly at times, but overall we love this product.
By Angie Y
26 Sep, 2017
By Stephanie M
26 Sep, 2017
By Amee M
24 Sep, 2017
By Jordan P
23 Sep, 2017
By Craig F
22 Sep, 2017
By Bridget C
22 Sep, 2017
By Ceri W
22 Sep, 2017
Once the clock was set up correctly, my 3 year old daughter really loved it and has stayed in her bed until the sun comes up 99% of the time. I'm happy.
By Carly b
21 Sep, 2017
By Kerri G
21 Sep, 2017
Really happy with the product ! Really fast shipping
By Fil N
18 Sep, 2017
By Carla M
17 Sep, 2017
By Monika W
15 Sep, 2017
Best purchase - we have a 3year old that stays in bed all night because of the Gro Clock. I wish we could dim the screen down even more so, however a great product overall.
By Renee S
15 Sep, 2017
By Kerry S
13 Sep, 2017
Love this product - it really works! My daughter is 4 so wish it wasn't as easy for them to be able to push the buttons or change times!
By Jennifer A
13 Sep, 2017
By Amy B
13 Sep, 2017
By Vanessa M
12 Sep, 2017
By Judy C
10 Sep, 2017
Love the grow clock. Miss 2 had no trouble understanding the concept of staying in bed until the clock was yellow. It's been great!
By Maeve R
10 Sep, 2017
Pretty easy to use but labelled buttons would be better. My daughter loves her clock but unfortunately it hasn't stopped her from getting up in the night just yet, but we will keep trying...she understands how it works though & likes seeing how many stars have disappeared & likes the night light feature too.
By Stacey H
08 Sep, 2017
By Renee H
05 Sep, 2017
By Jane P
05 Sep, 2017
By Liza H
04 Sep, 2017
By Cherie M
01 Sep, 2017
By Erica
31 Aug, 2017
We are using the clock to teach our son (3yrs), to stay in his bed and not to call out to mum during the early hours, until 7am. OMGoodness, it has been a God Send, I wish we had heard of it earlier, he would call out to me two to three times in the night and I would have to go and sleep with him to try and get him back to sleep, as he thought it was time to get up at 4am (very grumpy mum too I must add), but with the use of this clock, he wakes up and knows he can't get up or call out until the sun comes up. The best item we have ever bought. Thank you. And the story is great also.
By Elizabeth H
31 Aug, 2017
By Chris M
30 Aug, 2017
By Leanne M
30 Aug, 2017
By Renaye T
29 Aug, 2017
By Gemma K
25 Aug, 2017
By Haylee L
24 Aug, 2017
By Rose S
23 Aug, 2017
By natasha H
23 Aug, 2017
By Sophie M
22 Aug, 2017
By Nicole O
16 Aug, 2017
By Ryan P
16 Aug, 2017
By Jayne E
15 Aug, 2017
By Kahlee O
15 Aug, 2017
My son is only 2 years and 3 months and he just moved to his big bed from his cot, after waking early every morning (sometimes 4:00am) we decided to try the gro clock. The very first night we read the story and I explained what it was and what he had to do. We set it for 6am. The next morning my son woke before 6 and called out for me, I laid in his bed with him until the sun on the clock appeared and then made a very big deal about being able to get up. The next night he woke again before 6am and stayed in his bed till the sun appeared. Since then he has never got off his bed until the sun has come on. I would recommend the groclock to anyone over and over. It was worth every cent. Thank you
By Penny-Lee G
13 Aug, 2017
By Ella E
12 Aug, 2017
By Dragana L
12 Aug, 2017
This is working really well for our almost 2 year old boy. Most mornings he knows it's time to wake/get up when the sun comes up!
By Vanessa M
12 Aug, 2017
It's working! Thank goodness, my son loves to say goodnight to the sun and then waits for the sun to come up to leave his room. :)
By Cara W
11 Aug, 2017
By Karina H
10 Aug, 2017
By Axel G
08 Aug, 2017
By Georgie B
08 Aug, 2017
By Candice H
07 Aug, 2017
This is money well spent! My 5am waker now wakes at 7 every morning from the day I turned on the gro clock. Best thing I ever brought I love it!
By debz e
03 Aug, 2017
It's not super simple to set up, but it seems to be working for us so far!
By Emma C
03 Aug, 2017
By Dan E
02 Aug, 2017
Has worked great. Most mornings or soon has stayed in bed until the clock lights up.
By Laura A
02 Aug, 2017
We have had great success with sleep trainer clocks for our two daughters now 5 & 6. We have recently returned to Australia and have purchased the Gro Company Clock. I did find it on sale, thankfully as i was not comfortable paying its full RRP! It is a great clock and will certaintly achieve its aim, although i must admit our previous clock ( Teach me time talking alarm clock and nightlight) I found really good. Especially not having to set the clock each night. Something I regularly would forget. My daughters like the night time count down, which gives them an indication of how long it will be (hours) before they are to get up. Helpful in Winter when those dark mornings can be a bit confusing for young ones. Overall if you are thinking about something to help your toddler sleep and wake and correct times. This clock is for you. With a bit of training and parental enforecment it took maybe a week before the kids wouldnt be out of bed before the pre set wake up time. In saying this you want wake up time to be the same time everyday, if you are constantly changing the time this clock is not for you.
By Leigh S
02 Aug, 2017
By Anna B
31 Jul, 2017
By Janelle H
31 Jul, 2017
Really good product our toddler has always woken throughout the night and since we had our baby she was getting up several times a night. Since we bought the gro clock she sleeps through most nights as waits for the sun on the clock to come up. I would definitely recommend this to any parents that are struggling has been a huge help
By Sarah J
31 Jul, 2017
It's great and works very well for my child. As long as you can put it on a high shelf where your child can't reach it to bring the sunshine up.
By Nicola v
29 Jul, 2017
Works much better then I excepted, my daughter loves it and its easy for her to use and read. The light setting works well as you can change how strong the light is. Only wish she would sleep longer! I would recommend this.
By kornelia M
27 Jul, 2017
By Susan M
27 Jul, 2017
Was great for my 3 year old. She now stays in bed till the 'sun' comes up! Yay for us as there is no more 4-5am visits! She picked up the concept very quickly and the wee book that goes with it is an easy wee story to help solidify the concept.
By lauren W
26 Jul, 2017
By Sian V
26 Jul, 2017
By Maneesh N
25 Jul, 2017
Has worked wonders with my son! Now sleeps beyond the time when it turns yellow and he knows when the screen is blue to go back to sleep and that it's too early. It's a mission waking him up now but hey I don't mind the sleep ins!
By Jess K
22 Jul, 2017
By Victoria W
21 Jul, 2017
By Melissa B
21 Jul, 2017
By Cindy M
20 Jul, 2017
It took us two weeks to get used to it. We were reading a book every time we woke up earlier then Clock showed the sun. But after two weeks it is not happening any more. We all very happy! My son's behavior got better as well as he gets enough sleep now. I used a sticker chart as well to give a sticker every time he wakes up with a sun. This clock is very simple and very easy to use but changed our life hugely!
By Olivia K
18 Jul, 2017
By Caz M
18 Jul, 2017
By Aimee G
17 Jul, 2017
By Shelley S
17 Jul, 2017
By Kate W
15 Jul, 2017
Works well easy to use for my just over 2 year old
By Michelle D
14 Jul, 2017
Love it!
By Sophie H
13 Jul, 2017
Great way to communicate awake time for toddlers
By Laura M
13 Jul, 2017
By Kristen R
12 Jul, 2017
By Anna H
11 Jul, 2017
Cute star helps son know just when he can get out of bed.
By David S
11 Jul, 2017
By James P
10 Jul, 2017
By Joanne C
10 Jul, 2017
By Estella M
04 Jul, 2017
By Trudy D
03 Jul, 2017
By Brenden W
30 Jun, 2017
By Andrea P
29 Jun, 2017
My 2 year old grandson loves it and gets so excited when the sun comes up
By Michelle S
28 Jun, 2017
Cant set timer tone night/day at particular times, have to reset every night. Difficult to use, quite complicated
By Aimee P
28 Jun, 2017
By Maria O
27 Jun, 2017
This clock has been amazing for our 3 year old who kept waking at 5am. He loves it and generally stays in bed until the 'sun' comes up on the Groclock which he thinks is a real novelty!
By Hollie K
26 Jun, 2017
By Breanne B
26 Jun, 2017
By Melissa C
26 Jun, 2017
By Pip M
23 Jun, 2017
Our 7 year old grandson is using the clock. He took a while to work out how to set it each night but is fine now. It would have been better if it could be set once for a wake up time every day until changed. He also got confused between the symbols for night time and afternoon sleep (which he does not use). Overall, once mastered, the clock works well for someone not yet able to tell the time.
By Robert
22 Jun, 2017
Great concept, but without batteries my darling daughter simply unplugs the clock. Has taken one two year knock and the screen has several issues (a number of the night stars no longer appear). That aside my daughter loves starting the clock to bring the stars out for nap and bed time.
By Justin M
22 Jun, 2017
Is helping to get our girl to sleep longer in the morning she used to be up at 5:30 every morning ☺
By Darren K
21 Jun, 2017
By Peter R
21 Jun, 2017
By neil k
21 Jun, 2017
By natasha H
20 Jun, 2017
These have been great for both our 2 year old and our 4 year old. They are easy to set and easy for the kids to use.
By Kate N
20 Jun, 2017
By Kate D
19 Jun, 2017
By Hilary M
16 Jun, 2017
By Lisa J
16 Jun, 2017
By Jan S
16 Jun, 2017
Great product but it would be better if it was powered by battery as opposed to mains power. That would make it easier to keep out of reach of little hands!
By Tanya W
16 Jun, 2017
By Timothy J
15 Jun, 2017
It worked for my 4 year old! Very happy with the product. Kiddy lock would be good
By Sarah G
13 Jun, 2017
By Ally G
12 Jun, 2017
By Aisha C
11 Jun, 2017
By Jess O
10 Jun, 2017
Love the book that comes with it, love that it has the actual time on it. It's helped get my 4yo daughter in to bed at night too and it's easy enough for her to set to
By Zara R
10 Jun, 2017
Highly recommend the product, now the kids stay in their room until a reasonable hour in the morning
By Ben P
10 Jun, 2017
By Hollie S
09 Jun, 2017
Very easy to use. My toddler loves it and found it easy to understand the concept (although he chooses to ignore it when it suits him!).
By Alice H
09 Jun, 2017
By Essie F
09 Jun, 2017
By AmandaandPaul L
09 Jun, 2017
By Janine B
09 Jun, 2017
Love the Gro Clocks! We actually get to sleep till 7.30am now instead of 5am!
By Sarah M
08 Jun, 2017
By Carolyn S
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