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The Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blind - Blackout Blind for Baby & Kid Rooms

by The Gro Company

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Formerly Named the Gro Anywhere Blind

A Portable blackout blind for when it's still too light to say night night!

Anyone who has stayed away from home with little ones will know that it can be tricky to create a snoozy sleeping environment when there is too much light flooding in. The versatile Gro Anywhere Blind has been designed to 'go' anywhere with you, and can be put in place in minutes. Attaches directly to the glass using suction cups, ensuring a close fit that really does block light properly.

This New Improved version has hook-and-loop fastener fastening which is easy to use and quick to adjust, it also features a new Twinkle Twinkle Stars and Moon fabric design.

The hook-and-loop fastener is on the 130cm (width) side of the blind.


  • Adapts to fit any window up to a maximum size of 130cm x 198cm
  • New Improved version reduces to smaller window sizes than previously, whilst maintaining maximum size.
  • New Stars and Moon design
  • Comes with handy travel bag
  • Premium black out material

Product Details

The Gro Company

Product Reviews

05 Jun, 2020
It's big, it has overhang so it really works to keep the light out, unfortunately my windows were longer but with the gro blind and my regular blackout blind, it's sufficient to darken the room. Thanks!
By Claudia
11 May, 2020
By Kelly
12 Mar, 2020
I have only used these twice but they are really easy to use, stay stuck on the window (overnight at least), and are very effeminate blocking out the light!! Highly, highly recommend, especially for the price on this website!
By Lesley
19 Feb, 2020
Great quality, I use it vertically and it works well. I use it everyday as morning light in summer disturb my daughter's sleep. I am not sure how it works on a smaller window but I have a window the size of the curtain and no light go through.
By Morgagni
17 Feb, 2020
By Shannon
11 Feb, 2020
By Sarah
07 Jan, 2020
Love it and it makes the room so dark! My 3 year old kept asking me to make the sun go to bed, now I can!
By Jemma
07 Jan, 2020
By Anna
29 Dec, 2019
By Matt
10 Dec, 2019
So easy to use and absolutely blacks out! Wish we had it sooner. Have two probably need a 3rd. Perfect at home or away. Can’t recommend more!
By Erin
28 Nov, 2019
Cleaned the windows and the suction caps still wouldn’t stick..waste of money
By Megan
14 Nov, 2019
By Kristen
15 Oct, 2019
By Paula
09 Oct, 2019
I bought those because we're in a rental and can't drill holes to install proper curtains. I would say the Group Anywhere Blind are very convenient on the go, they look nice, make the room quite dark, but it's a hassle for everyday use to put on the suction cups, and again because they didn't stick the first time... The main issue are the suction cups that are not sticking that well, no matter how hard I try...
By Flavien
07 Oct, 2019
I love how easy is to put up the window and it really blocks out the light. It is especially useful in these spring/summer months
By Andrea
05 Aug, 2019
Easy enough to install but certain suction pads don’t work well. Have had to restick a few times. Certainly is blockout fabric but some light filters through around the edges (minimal)

Also not great for skinny windows as the fabric overlaps too much and creates gaps in the folds. Glad we purchased but not as impressed as I thought I’d be
By Kirsty
29 Jul, 2019
Love this product, the suction caps don’t always stay stuck for me but when they do it’s perfect!
By Jess
18 Jul, 2019
By Kareema
13 Jun, 2019
Great blond. Very versatile. Easy to use.
By Denise
29 May, 2019
By Zahra
15 May, 2019
By Lyn
13 May, 2019
Easy to set up the room with mostly pitch black and very happy with the result we have with this! Washable is also a winner!
By Kaori
20 Apr, 2019
By Amali
17 Apr, 2019
Works as described
By Peter
01 Apr, 2019
By Maria
19 Mar, 2019
I'm using it in a rental for my teenage sons room, he is finally able to sleep in and not be up at 6am due to the awful blind in his room that does nothing to block out light!
Where was this when my kids were little, have reccomend to family and friends!
By Theresa
18 Mar, 2019
The blind works well and is easy to put up.and take down. It would have been 5 stars but it doesnt fit our window all that well.even with the adjustability
By Tamara
13 Mar, 2019
This blackout blind was exactly what I wanted it is prefect easy to apply to the window and completely blocked out all light
By Sue
09 Mar, 2019
By Kara
04 Mar, 2019
Brilliant! Easy to adjust to fit the window. Suction cups work well with firm pressure. Gives a
Really good blockout to baby’s room and great for traveling. Can’t recommend more highly!
By Elizabeth
04 Mar, 2019
By Meg
21 Feb, 2019
I ended up buying block out curtains which work a lot better, these blinds don't do much. I have been using it to cover our front door which has glass panes and let's in all the afternoon sun. So it's been good for that. But honestly, block out curtains do the trick
By Martinette
14 Feb, 2019
Good to take on holidays and cheap alternative to curtains.
By Chantelle
11 Feb, 2019
Love this blackout blind! So easy to install and remove!
The room is so dark even with the bright sun coming straight in the window! Would highly recommend it! Worth the price!
By Sophie
11 Feb, 2019
More seals that you could move to suit would be useful to stop light creeping through the sides
By Simon
11 Feb, 2019
I love how easy it is to put up in just seconds. My 2.5 year old daughter loves looking at the stars on it too saying "its night time now" as I hang it up. Great product. Highly recommend it
By Tiffany
21 Jan, 2019
These blinds work a wonder in keeping the light out. My baby is sleeping so much better now. I just wish I had bought them sooner. Would highly recommend to anyone.
By Madeline
20 Jan, 2019
We only had it for the day and the black colouring came off and left spots over the whole blind. It also left this weird white powder on my hands when I touched it. It was not what I expected...
By Amber
12 Jan, 2019
By Christien
08 Jan, 2019
Great product great service !!
By Rachael
08 Jan, 2019
The blind is so easy to put up and make the room completely dark to aid sleep
By Melissa
08 Jan, 2019
This product is so great, we now have 3! One for our child's room, our room and one for the grandparents. Easy to use and take down and makes the room pitch black. Great for use in rentals!
By Celia
07 Jan, 2019
It’s great, blocks out the light perfectly for sleeping
By Sharon
07 Jan, 2019
Very easy to use! I apply a tiny bit of water to the suction caps which helps them stick. I bought two anticipating I might need more but I only needed the one. I’d recommend two if you have floor to ceiling windows or sliding doors. Amazing product and has been a saviour for day light savings for my 7 months olds sleep schedule. Highly recommend this product and encourage a tiny bit of dampness/water to help get the suction caps to stick if it’s an issue!
By Gina
04 Jan, 2019
It's quick and easy to put up but still lets light through the many gaps between the suction cups. For short term use such as going to a friend's house it is a good solution and does a decent job of dimming the room but for longer term use in your child's own bedroom, I still had to tape the gaps down to make it dark enough.

The curtain was only wide enough to cover half my window. Luckily I purchased 2.
By Matt
29 Dec, 2018
By Jordan
28 Dec, 2018
This blind is great at cooling down a room as well as keeping the light out, all of our kids have one and we do as well on our bedroom windows.
By Ayla
26 Dec, 2018
By Maria
24 Dec, 2018
I don’t know what took us so long to purchase the Gro Anywhere Blinds, we have tried all sorts to black out our sons room to reduce his early awakenings and nothing has worked as well as these.
By Fiona
18 Dec, 2018
By Hayley
18 Dec, 2018
I’m using these to block out our bedroom windows until the baby moves to his nursery. It’s very handy and works well, although doesn’t stick to flywire on the window so that had to be removed
By Alana
18 Dec, 2018
By Amy
16 Dec, 2018
By Russell
11 Dec, 2018
By Nic
11 Dec, 2018
By Carrin
07 Dec, 2018
By Zoe
07 Dec, 2018
By Pippa
06 Dec, 2018
Easy to put up and adjust to size however the blind still lets light in around the edge of the window. I have just taped around the edge to get a tight seal and it works great.
By Sian
06 Dec, 2018
Very easy to use at home and when travelling, no issues with reattaching suction cups if they occasionally become unstuck (even in 40 degrees they stick), only issue is that the largest size is not big enough for my 3 year old's bedroom window.
By Renee
06 Dec, 2018
Can certainly help to make the room very dark if attached to the window well and no gaps! I found that the suction caps did not stick well if the window is dirty or if there is direct sun shining on the window which seems to heat the plastic suction caps causing them to come unstuck
By Philippa
05 Dec, 2018
Where was this product when my kids were small? Love the product.
By Linda
04 Dec, 2018
By Angila
28 Nov, 2018
By Siting
27 Nov, 2018
By Alexia
21 Nov, 2018
Even better than expected, perfect must have blockout curtain for permanent or even on the go
By Calista
19 Nov, 2018
By Harriet
19 Nov, 2018
I really like the Gro blind, just wasn't long enough for the window. I would recommend it.
By Joanne
19 Nov, 2018
It's great when it remains stuck to the window!
By Paula
13 Nov, 2018
This product is amazing and it works really well however it doesn't quite fit on my daughters bedroom window so alot of light still gets in unfortunately.
By Rebecca
12 Nov, 2018
We are using the product for a shift worker. The window is quite wide so we needed 3 curtains to cover it. The blackout fabric works well. The suckers that attach to the windows tend to fall off so when I go to sleep I’m thinking about how long the curtain will stay up when whilst I’m sleeping which isn’t ideal for a sleep deprived shift worker. I’m working on attaching the curtain to the back of existing curtains to over come this issue. Price was very reasonable and we like the stars and moon design.
By Denise
12 Nov, 2018
By Russell
10 Nov, 2018
The suction cups are actually quite hard to use. Keep coming off the window in the night - not sure if my one is just faulty?
By Ella
07 Nov, 2018
I was a bit hesitant to try this after reading other reviews however, for us, this blind has been a lifesaver!
My only feedback would be that as the blind is black, it attracts a lot of heat. If a layer of reflective material could go in the back to deflect some sun that would be great!
By Lucy
06 Nov, 2018
By Christie
05 Nov, 2018
It does an excellent job of blocking out the light and is super easy to use.
By Cora
02 Nov, 2018
By Jen
01 Nov, 2018
Works so well - we bought two to cover a giant window in our baby's room and it does the job perfectly.
By Emma
31 Oct, 2018
By Georgina
22 Oct, 2018
By Regan
22 Oct, 2018
Falls down every time despite cleaning window with rubbing alcohol and trying all the methods suggested
By Catherine
15 Oct, 2018
By Rosie
09 Oct, 2018
By Annette
07 Oct, 2018
Sadly it does not work at all. Almost every time it has fallen down when the morning comes and the room is not dark anymore. The suction cups do not work most of the times.
By Mohammad
24 Sep, 2018
You have to wet the suction cups or they won’t stick. Needed a second person to help get it on
By Brienna
21 Sep, 2018
This has been a very disappointing product. Despite our best attempts we have been unable to get it to stick to the window. It simply peels off within 2-3 mins and falls to the ground. The fabric quality is really good so it’s a shame that it doesn’t work.
By Lisa
17 Sep, 2018
By Madita
11 Sep, 2018
By Monika
07 Sep, 2018
Suction caps do not stay stuck to windows, have had to tape the blind to the window
By Brodie
03 Sep, 2018
The suction pads on this are horrible. They don’t stick to the glass at all. Great idea, but disappointing materials given the price.
By Lorraine
28 Aug, 2018
By Freya
23 Aug, 2018
By Christina
21 Aug, 2018
Excellent travel accessory that fits most windows with ease! Only an issue if you want a window open slightly - as the suction only sticks to glass, so you get a gap. I will never travel without this again!
By Alice
14 Aug, 2018
So easy and compact
By Rachel
10 Aug, 2018
By Kelley
09 Aug, 2018
By Nadine
30 Jul, 2018
Helps to block out 80% of the light during the day. Suction cups don't always stick and light still peeps through from the perimeter of the window. Overall it still sort of works and we like that it's portable for travels.
By ellie
30 Jul, 2018
Easy to use. Very effective in total blockout of light.
By Helena
25 Jul, 2018
Nothing could be better it does what its named as a blackout blind,great product well worth the money and the cheapest price I could find was here,very good.
By Christina
19 Jul, 2018
By Hailey
12 Jul, 2018
By Emina
10 Jul, 2018
The product does not stick to any kind of textured glass and should not be used with lead lighting. The suction cups were deformed on arrival.
By Manon
29 Jun, 2018
By Aoife
27 Jun, 2018
Easy to customise for different sized windows. Works well to block out light.
By Mary
25 Jun, 2018
These blackout blinds are great for the babies room during the day it keeps out all of the light that it could be night, meaning baby is sleeping much better during the day!
By Kristen
04 Jun, 2018
By Anna
01 Jun, 2018
By Lyndall
27 May, 2018
Unfortunately it doesn’t stay stuck to the window. I have cleaned my window and it still won’t stay stuck. I’ve resorted to using masking tape.
By Michael
21 May, 2018
Does the job, no complaints!
By Eve
14 May, 2018
Definitely blocks out the light, perfect
By Janine
04 May, 2018
By Jenny
01 May, 2018
I know it’s meant for babies and kids rooms but I use the Gro Anywhere Blind to blockout the daylight, so I can sleep after a night shift. It does a great job blocking out the light but despite buying two to cover my roof to floor window, it still doesn’t completely cover the window. So it still lets a little light through at the base. So my only irk is that it’s too small. Otherwise a fantastic product, that does what it says it does!
By Belinda
01 May, 2018
The suction doesn’t work and the shades don’t stay on the window. I don’t use them at all
By Kylie
30 Apr, 2018
By Adele
24 Apr, 2018
Arrived in a timely manner. Exactly what we needed for road trips! Easy to pack and doesn't take much space in luggage
By Flavia
24 Apr, 2018
The grandkids slept in :-)
By Kathy
20 Apr, 2018
By Kathryn
19 Apr, 2018
Life saver! Love it
By Aline
18 Apr, 2018
Good product, blocks out the light, but can’t get the suction pads to stick reliably and have to climb all over baby’s room daily to fix them, only for them to fall down again.
By Nicole
18 Apr, 2018
Really easy to use & to pack away (& is lightweight, too!). We take it with us on holiday & it helps everyone to gets better nights sleep, in a darker room.
By C/o
17 Apr, 2018
By Maria
17 Apr, 2018
Still to use for bubs but easy to take out on use on our standard bedroom window
By Herman
16 Apr, 2018
It has been great! Our baby is able to have longer sleeps during the day and will sleep later in the morning.
It was fairly easy to put up and it has stayed up! I was worried about the blind falling down because of the suction caps but it has stayed up!
By Laura
13 Apr, 2018
We have French doors to our bedroom where there is a lot of glass and we use the blackout blind for when our grandson stays over. Works a treat.
By Shelley
09 Apr, 2018
Perfect for turning day into night
By Naomi
01 Apr, 2018
Makes room lovely and dark. Easy to use.
By Amanda
30 Mar, 2018
Very impressed with how much it blocks out the light and how big it is!
By renae
29 Mar, 2018
G A M E C H A N G E R. This blind is a lifesaver and completely transformed my sons day sleeps. I’m not into gimmicky new parent products but this is a must have.
By Katie
27 Mar, 2018
This blind does a good job blocking out light, however I found some of the suction cups malformed & so it was hard to stick to the window. I put some hot water on them to make them stick. As the blind is black it does absorb heat so the room was much hotter during the day than the rest of the house. Not ideal during summer time & with a sleeping baby in the room. Overall, it does the job at darkening the room to allow baby to nap.
By Tho
26 Mar, 2018
By Emily
26 Mar, 2018
Awesome for a bright room or daytime naps!
By Leanne
25 Mar, 2018
It’s great! Blocks out all light and makes great sleeping environment
By Kristy
25 Mar, 2018
By Laura
22 Mar, 2018
By Philippa
27 Sep, 2017
By louise
26 Sep, 2017
By Jessica
23 Sep, 2017
By Tara
18 Sep, 2017
By Rhiannon
18 Sep, 2017
By Amanda
18 Sep, 2017
By Michele
01 Sep, 2017
It does go dark, but can be hard to stick to window and stay there
By Lucy
21 Aug, 2017
By Adriano
15 Aug, 2017
This is the best invention! Total life saver and super easy to use. Cannot recommend highly enough it's fantastic.
By Angela
15 Aug, 2017
By crystal
08 Aug, 2017
By Mr
04 Aug, 2017
I bought two because we have a big window to cover. It doesn't make the room 100% black but super easy and very well made. The number one product if you have a baby/toddler in a rental property!
By Mrs
03 Aug, 2017
By Skye
02 Aug, 2017
By Bernard
07 Jul, 2017
Blinds (suction cup) don't stick on the window and keeps falling off. The video on the web looks easy but it's the worst product. Not great when you're halfway and the poppers don't stick...waste of money.
By Florence
06 Jul, 2017
By Rebekah
03 Jul, 2017
By Joseph
03 Jul, 2017
Great block out blind that can be adapted to most window sizes. Some of the suction caps got folded in the packaging so don't stick well and this is a bit fiddly to fix, so would be great if more care could be taken with packaging
By Gwendolyn
21 Jun, 2017
By Elaine
16 Jun, 2017
By N
15 Jun, 2017
By Jonathan
10 Jun, 2017
By Noreen
09 Jun, 2017
By Helly
08 Jun, 2017
By John
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