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VeeBee EZ Rider Stand Connector for Stroller

by VeeBee

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Providing an ideal solution to a "growing problem", the EZ rider adds an additional seat your pram or stroller. This ride-on easily clips to the rear of the pram, requiring only a rear axle, frame or horizontal bar to latch onto. The EZ Rider boasts a comfortable moulded seat with a handle-bar, for additional stability, as well as a seat-belt for safety. If needed the seat can be easily removed from the platform, leaving a standing board for the child to stand on, while holding onto the stroller. Equipped with twin suspension for a smooth ride and a fully adjustable attachment system to ensure a perfect fit, the EZ rider can be used from 15 months right up to 25kgs.

Please see the table listed in the images for compatible strollers

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Product Reviews

25 Nov, 2019
Great product and my toddler daughter loves it!
By Sarah
15 Oct, 2019
this product works well having newborn and 3 year old
By Ann
01 Aug, 2019
By Lee
29 Jul, 2019
By Louisa
23 Jul, 2019
This is such an easy way to transport my older child, Miss 3 loves going for rides as we walk to the park etc. makes life much easier! Thank you
By Esther
20 Jun, 2019
By Kent
02 Apr, 2019
Great product fantastic for toddler and new born. Easy to use and manourver and feels safe. Mine and my husbands feet always kick it tho and have to walk to side of pram, only downfall.
By Martine
27 Mar, 2019
By Leanne
08 Jan, 2019
Set up instructions weren’t that clear. Feels safe and sturdy when in use which is important but it sticks out too much from pram (Mountain Buggy Swift) for me to walk behind it. So I have to walk beside it. Maybe that’s what they are all like. Not sure. It’s a pain to get on and off and is quite heavy. I have to take the seat off to fold my pram up. I don’t think there is anyway of just keeping the skateboard part on and hooked up so that you can walk without it in the way when the skateboard is not needed. I think if it the whole thing was easier to get on and off I’d be happier with it and would use it more but with three small children I just don’t have the time to fiddle around with things. Other people might really like using it though.
By Shalimar
20 Nov, 2018
Excellent product my grandson lovesit
By Narelle
22 Oct, 2018
Easy to install and use. Fits well with our steelcraft strider (not compact). Both big one and little one are happy seeing each other's face :)
By Dipankar
18 Oct, 2018
Meh, it's ok I guess but my little guy seems to need to lean back and his legs want to press on the pram brakes which mean he occasionally stops the whole pram quite suddenly. Plus we can't walk comfortably behind the pram so have to stand to the side and push with one hand. Also it's not very easy to detach/attach which is fine if you are always gonna leave it attached...
By Gayle
07 Aug, 2018
By Hong
09 May, 2018
This has made going out with my 2 wee darlings. It took me a while to put it together but I got there in the end. It is very easy to steer. My biggest complaint about it is that the wheels stick out behind it so I always kick them when Im walking.
By Shannon
27 Sep, 2017
By Marni
15 Sep, 2017
Great purchase! My son likes to use the seat aspect in particular. Was hoping to be able to use it on a single pram and ditch my double pram as I have a 2 yrar old and 4 month old baby. Unfortunately, I am unable to walk behind either pram as it protruds too far at the back of both prams, double pram has even more length at the back and still no joy.
I cannot use it for long, fast walks but it's fabulous for a stroll.
By Catherine
04 Sep, 2017
By jessie
27 Jul, 2017
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