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4M Kidz Labs - Magnet Science

by 4M

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Contains a super magnet set that could be transformed to perform 10 fun experiments and games. Make a super power horse shoe magnet or a magnet wand. Construct a super magnet racer, a yacht compass or a mysterious dangler. You can also have great fun playing a fishing game or creating a magnetic sculpture, and so much more. Contains 2 super power bar magnets, 2 ring magnets, 1 set magnet handle (can be assembled into magnet wand or U shaped magnet), 1 car/boat chassis, 4 wheels, 1 long axle, 1 short axle, 1 rod for fishing wand/yacht mast, 1 fishing wand joint, 2 ring magnet joints, 5 magnetic fish, 15 metal screw nuts, 1 roll of thread, detailed assembly and game instructions with fun facts and principles of magnetism. Contains small parts.

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Minimum Age
8 years
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