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Come Alive

Yu Dan Shi

  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 28th May 2019
ISBN: 9780648521167
Come Alive
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  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 28th May 2019
ISBN: 9780648521167

Publisher Description

We're busier than ever, with many of us feeling trapped, unhappy and unfulfilled in an effort to achieve the idea of success we long for. But the truth is that achieving this success - whether it's an impressive career, status or wealth - can be a hollow victory. Executive Coach and former Fortune 100 Executive Yu Dan Shi knows this all too well, after hitting rock bottom in 2008.

In the new book, Come Alive, Yu Dan shares her personal journey as she quickly rose up the corporate ladder but ended up with a huge personal cost: a punishing workload while raising a family, and a daily battle devoid of meaning, failing health and misery.

For Yu Dan, facing up to the truth about her unhappiness was painful yet life-changing, especially after the long and hard-fought journey from her underprivileged beginning in a remote village of China. With a new vision of success and clarity about what truly mattered to her, she transitioned to a path of passion, joy and meaning.

Change doesn't have to be daunting. It's not about upending your life or throwing away what you've achieved. In this transformative book, Yu Dan explores the conflict faced by high achievers and guides readers through her four proven and research-based principles, giving you the practical steps to make real, sustainable changes to your life.

You can be happy now. You have the ability to change and transform your life, and Come Alive shows you how.

Author Biography

Yu Dan Shi is a sought-after coach, mentor and speaker. After hitting rock bottom in 2008 while working as an executive for a Fortune 100 company, she was compelled to search for more meaningful ways to work and live. Today, Yu Dan helps other professionals, executives and entrepreneurs live an inspired life. She has a Master of Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney. Yu Dan is based in Sydney, Australia.


"Touching and engaging. Come Alive is full of insightful, evidence-based strategies and techniques that will help anyone live a happier and more fulfilled life." - Professor Anthony Grant, Coaching Psychology, University of Sydney

"If you are questioning if there is more to life, this is a book that must be read ... And then actioned." - Corrinne Armour, Speaker, Trainer, Author of Leaders Who Ask

"Yu Dan has successfully woven the science of positivity, meaning and a life well lived into a brave book." - Dr Suzy Green, CEO & Founder, The Positive Institute

"Come Alive is very timely with so many people questioning the path they are on. Yu Dan, through her own compelling personal story and drawing on research, shares how happiness and success are not mutually exclusive." - Steven Norman, Founder of Growth Acumen, Author of Future Proof Sales Strategy

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Yu Dan Shi
Live a Life with More Meaning and Joy
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Karen Mc Dermott Publishing
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