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How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times or Bad

by William J. O'Neil

  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 30th June 2009
ISBN: 9780071614139
The bestselling guide to buying stocks, from the founder of Investor's Business Daily-now completely revised and updated
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  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 30th June 2009
ISBN: 9780071614139
The bestselling guide to buying stocks, from the founder of Investor's Business Daily-now completely revised and updated


The bestselling guide to buying stocks, from the founder of Investor's Business Daily-now completely revised and updated

Publisher Description

The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and USA Today business bestseller! The bestselling guide to buying stocks, from the founder of Investor's Business Daily--now completely revised and updated When it was first published, How to Make Money in Stocks hit the investing world like a jolt, providing readers with the first in-depth explanation of William J. O'Neil's innovative CAN SLIM investing method. This technique, based on an exhaustive study of the greatest stock market winners dating back to 1953, is a straightforward, seven-step process for minimizing risk, maximizing return, and finding stocks that are poised to perform. Five years later, O'Neil, founder of the industry icon Investor's Business Daily, revised his classic text and provided a glimpse on how the average investor can make money in today's equities market. This fourth edition of How to Make Money in Stocks has been revised and updated with new chapters designed to help investors increase their performance in a turbulent economic climate. New discussions include: Greater clarification of the key CAN SLIM investment strategy New models of the greatest stock market winners that provide more basis for the ongoing effectiveness and superior performance of the CAN SLIM strategy Fresh stock charts featured in two colors for easier analysis of trends An invaluable guide on how to maximize both Investor's Business Daily and to find winning stocks Real-world success stories from investors who have used this system New information on portfolio management and the impact of hedge funds Praise for previous editions "The most useful stock market book in years." --Management Accounting "In O'Neil's opinion, a stock isn't unlike a car or a set of golf clubs--you have to pay for quality. A winning system." --Personal Investor "A superbbook, spelling out his investment strategies in plain English and O'Neilisms." --San Francisco Business Times "His very good advice comprises a mixture of three parts common sense and one part technical knowledge." --The American Spectator

Author Biography

William J O'Neil is founder and Chairman of Investor's Business Daily, one of the world's leading financial newspapers. He is the bestselling author of How to Make Money in stocks and other essential investment titles.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Part I: A Winning System: CAN SLIM (TM)

Introduction: Learning From the Greatest Winners

CHAPTER 1: C = Current Quarterly Earnings per Share: The Higher the Better

CHAPTER 2: A = Annual Earnings Increases: Look for Significant Growth

CHAPTER 3: N = New Products, New Management, New Highs: Buying at the Right Time

CHAPTER 4: S = Supply and Demand: Shares Outstanding Plus Big Volume Demand

CHAPTER 5: L = Leader or Laggard: Which Is Your Stock?

CHAPTER 6: I = Institutional Sponsorship: Follow the Leaders

CHAPTER 7: M = Market Direction: How to Determine It

Part II: Be Smart From the Start

CHAPTER 8: Nineteen Common Mistakes Most Investors Make

CHAPTER 9: When to Sell and Cut Your Losses

CHAPTER 10: When to Sell and Take Your Profit

CHAPTER 11: Should You Diversify, Invest for the Long Haul, Buy on Margin, Sell Short, Etc.?

CHAPTER 12: How to Read Charts Like an Expert and Improve Your Stock Picks and Timing

Part III: Investing Like a Professional

CHAPTER 13: Models of the Greatest Stock Market Winners: 1952-2001

CHAPTER 14: How to Find Winning Stocks Using Investor's Business Daily

CHAPTER 15: How to Pick the Best Market Sectors, Industry Groups, and Subgroups

CHAPTER 16: The Art of Tape Reading: Analyzing and Reacting to News

CHAPTER 17: Should You Buy Options, Nasdaq Stocks, New Issues, Convertible Bonds, Tax Shelters, Foreign Stocks?

CHAPTER 18: How You Could Make a Million Dollars Owning Mutual Funds

CHAPTER 19: Improving Management of Pension and Institutional Portfolios

CHAPTER 20: Important Guidelines to Remember

Success Stories



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William J. O'Neil
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United States
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Los Angeles, CA, US
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