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Eden Vegan

Plant-based recipes for every day

Author: Tess Eden  

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A friendly entry point to plant-based cooking, with veganised Kiwi classics, budget-friendly recipes and meals to whip up in a minute from what's in the pantry.Every dish in this book is 100 per cent vegan, made with whole-food ingredients that can all be found on the shelf at your local supermarket. No fancy 'superfoods', no expensive powders-just good, fresh ingredients!

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About the Author

Tess Eden is an author and a vegan content creator from Wellington, New Zealand. She first made the leap into a vegan lifestyle six years ago, after enjoying a vegetarian diet for 11 years. Tess came to veganism for ethical reasons, and has since become an advocate for the environmental and health benefits a meat-free diet provides.Tess has built up a wealth of knowledge on how to live a vegan life, and is an active member of New Zealand's thriving vegan community. She has a large online platform which demonstrates how easy it is to be vegan by sharing recipes, tips, and tricks for people wanting to eat more plants.

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Penguin Group (NZ) | Penguin Books
7th November 2023


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