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Kid Libs Mad Libs

Author: Roger Price and Leonard Stern   Series: Mad Libs (Unnumbered Paperback)

PUBLISHED: 17th May 1990
ISBN: 9780843128277
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PUBLISHED: 17th May 1990
ISBN: 9780843128277

Publisher Description

Featuring make-your-own stories on a variety of subjects children know (but don't always love), from field trips and toys to school and parents, Kid Libs Mad Libs (R) brings youngsters hours of word-filled, grammar-packed fun. There's only one catchoplayers must know the parts of speech to play. Then again, if they don't, Kid Libs Mad Libs (R) will teach them.

Author Biography

Roger Price taught at the University of East Anglia, 1968 1993, eventually becoming Professor of European History. In 1993 he moved to Aberystwyth as Professor of History. His many other books include The French Second Republic: A Social History (1972), Revolution and Reaction: 1848 and the French Second Republic (1975), The Modernisation of Rural France: Communication Networks and Agricultural Market Structures in Nineteenth-Century France (1983), A Social History of Nineteenth-Century France (1987), The Revolutions of 1848 (1988) and A Concise History of France (1993).

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