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Perfect Bowls

Peter Belliss

  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 23rd November 2007
ISBN: 9781877252303
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  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 23rd November 2007
ISBN: 9781877252303

Publisher Description

Yes, there really is such a thing as the perfect bowl. And yes, everyone has the potential to bowl it. The perfect bowl is the one that defines and expresses the essence of Belliss' approach to the game - which is that what the mind truly believes, the body inevitably delivers. Perfect Bowls are the kind that Kiwi great Peter Belliss delivered so consistently they won him three world championship titles. And in Perfect Bowls Peter Belliss not only reveals the simple daily mind-training exercises that create unbeatable self-belief, but also brilliantly analyses the modern techniques and tactics that turn that self-belief into inevitable victory. Peter Belliss breaks the game of lawn bowls down into its bare mental and physical components - and then shows you how to put them all together to deliver your own Perfect Bowls.

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Peter Belliss
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New Zealand

Product Reviews

08 Mar, 2019
By Karen
26 Feb, 2019
By Julianne
26 Feb, 2019
By Lindsay
05 Dec, 2018
Excellent - written exactly on my wave length. I'm getting heaps of positive info out of it and today won a Christmas Ham whilst playing in very difficult weather conditions using Peter B's methods. Perfect bowling!
By Valda
13 Nov, 2018
The book encourages you as a bowler to think positively which I have found mentally encouraging. All Rupert’s NO Wally’s. An easy to read down to earth book
By Janet
25 Sep, 2018
A very practical book on lawn bowls which assists with understanding the influence of the mind on game performance.
By Mark
15 Aug, 2018
By Yvonne
18 Jul, 2018
Very usefull can recommend to all bowlers
By Alison
25 Jun, 2018
Excellent that points out clearly that the mind plays such a great part of strong performance.
By Terry
22 Jun, 2018
18 Jun, 2018
Highly recommend this book.
By Vicky
22 May, 2018
I have found the lessons in this book are changing my whole approach to my bowls and to my general application of it's philosophy and principals to other things in life too. I am really impressed.
By Lloyd
09 May, 2018
Still reading and enjoying book. Finding it very helpful and giving a great insight into playing lawn bowls
By Robert
23 Apr, 2018
By chris
23 Mar, 2018
By chris
16 Jun, 2017
By Katrina