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Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals

Patricia Lockwood

ISBN: 9780141984865
Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals
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ISBN: 9780141984865

Publisher Description

What if a deer did porn? Is it legal to marry a stuffed owl exhibit? Do men deserve to be hypnotized for their crimes? And what would the tit-pics of famous dead Americans Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson really look like? Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals is the only book that dares to answer these questions - or, at the very least, to come tantalisingly close before dancing mournfully away again, its pert rump twirling through the artificial night of the last great gorilla actor's costume. Taking in a philosophically-minded Loch Ness Monster, a younger brother's military tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the autobiographical poem 'Rape Joke', Patricia Lockwood's second collection shows one of today's most original poets at her virtuosic best, combining a free-wheeling and surreal sense of humour on the surface with a deep seriousness and an intricate technical mastery lurking always just below it.

Author Biography

Patricia Lockwood was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA and raised in all the worst cities of the Midwest. Her debut collection, Balloon Pop Outlaw Black, was released in 2012 by Octopus Books; a selection of her poetry was included in Penguin Modern Poets 2- Controlled Explosions (2016), and her memoir, Priestdaddy, is forthcoming from Penguin in 2017. Her poems have appeared widely, including in The New Yorker, the London Review of Books, Tin House and Poetry.


Heroically weird -- Eryn Loeb Guernica The little hairs on my back rose often while reading Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals ... That's biological praise, the most fundamental kind, impossible to fake. -- Dwight Garner The New York Times [Lockwood] has written a book at once angrier, and more fun, more attuned to our time and more bizarre, than most poetry can ever get, a book easy to recommend for people who do not read new poetry often - as well as for people who do. -- Stephen Burt The New York Times Sunday Book Review Prismatically witty, sexually slippery, polymorphous, and Millennially mischievous poetry ... I can see [Lockwood] in my mind, post-religion, post-family, a savvy, wounded poet hanging over an electronic abyss ... Can poetry address the massive and systematic degradation of the mental environment? Lockwood, her personae shimmering, her linguistic sensors tingling, is one of the few poets tough enough and shrewd enough to try -- James Parker The Atlantic [Lockwood's] long poem about being raped, Rape Joke, became a viral hit in 2013, not just because it is shocking, but because it is brilliant. The poems in [this] collection ... are the work of a genuine original. They are surreal, they are funny, they are subversive. They do what poetry is meant to do: they make you look at things in a different way -- Christina Patterson Sunday Times

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Patricia Lockwood
Penguin Books Ltd
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United Kingdom
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