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Living Lightly

The Busy Person's Guide to Mindful Consumption

Author: Nicola Turner  

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The busy person's guide to mindful consumption

How do you reduce your impact when you don't want to compromise your lifestyle?

How do you live lighter when you're juggling the motherlode of life?

How can you become more mindful of how and what you're consuming?

In a previous career, Nicola Turner's job was to convince us to buy more - and now she uses this insight to help us consume less. With her unique ability to keep it real, Nicola shares how her family now lives with less stuff, less waste and less impact. It's made life simpler, saved heaps of time and money and created a healthier, happier family.

Filled with do-able ideas and practical hacks, Living Lightly is for everyday people who want to simplify their life and reduce their impact but feel they're just too damn busy.

It's all about making simple changes that work for you - and not letting perfect get in the way of good.

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About the Author

Nicola Turner is a mother, author and behaviour-changer working with businesses, councils and individuals to change the way they think about sustainability.Nicola's fascination with human behaviour and consumption began after a successful career in the world of fast-moving consumer goods. She now runs a social enterprise called Mainstream Green, leveraging her corporate insights to create a movement where people are more mindful of how they consume and the waste they create.Now a converted minimalist and aspiring zero-waster, Nicola is all about creating a 'GreenfulnessTM movement', a mindful approach to what people buy, the waste it creates, and how they can feel empowered to make better choices that don't compromise their lifestyles.Nicola lives in Cambridge, New Zealand, with her husband and two children.

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HarperCollins Publishers (New Zealand) | HarperCollins Publishers
6th January 2021


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08 Feb, 2021
By Karina
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