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The Girl in the Eagle's Talons

The New Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Thriller

Author: Karin Smirnoff and Sarah Death  

Lisbeth Salander returns, in a trailblazing new installment to the bestselling Millennium series

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Lisbeth Salander returns, in a trailblazing new installment to the bestselling Millennium series

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"Lisbeth Salander is back - and maybe better than ever . . . Remarkable" LEE CHILD

"Highly readable - and still ferocious" Financial Times

"The first to be written by a woman, and all the better for it . . . This legendary crime series is back in safe hands" Daily Mail

"Fresh, fearless, faithful and original . . . I loved it" CHRIS WHITAKER

"Salander is alive and well and embroiled in another thrilling adventure . . . Fans will not be disappointed" Independent

"An absolute incident-packed thrill-ride from start to finish" JO SPAIN

"Breathlessly exciting" Irish Independent

"A thrilling adventure" Sunday Express

"Smirnoff's writing is wonderfully vivid" ANNA BAILEY

"A satisfying drama . . . It is the well-told personal stories that drive the novel" Literary Review

The untapped natural resources of Sweden's far north are sparking a gold rush, with the criminal underworld leading the charge. But it's not the prospect of riches that brings Lisbeth Salander to the small town of Gasskas. Her niece's mother is the latest woman in the region to have vanished without trace. Two things soon become clear: Svala is a remarkably gifted teenager -- and she's being watched.

Journalist Mikael Blomkvist is also heading north. He has seen better days. Millennium magazine is in its final print issue, and relations with his daughter are strained. Worse still, there are troubling rumours surrounding the man she's about to marry. When the truth behind the whispers explodes into violence, Salander emerges as Blomkvist's last hope.

Stieg Larsson's Dragon Tattoo series continues in a new thriller from Swedish bestselling author Karin Smirnoff - it will submerge you in a world of conspiracy and betrayal, old enemies and new friends, snow-bound wilderness and corporate greed. Lisbeth Salander is BACK.

Translated from Swedish by Sarah Death

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Critic Reviews

Lisbeth Salander is back - and maybe better than ever. Karin Smirnoff's take is both respectful of the past and ready for the future - altogether remarkable. -- Lee Child
Fresh, fearless, faithful and original. Karin Smirnoff takes on a heady challenge and makes a stylish, exciting and truly worthy statement. One of the great crime series of our time could not be in safer, more capable hands. I loved it. -- Chris Whitaker
This seventh book featuring the iconoclastic, anarchic Lisbeth Salander is the first to be written by a woman, and it is all the better for it - not least because one of the principal themes of the series is violence towards women . . . [T]his legendary crime series is, thankfully, back in safe hands -- Geoffrey Wansell Daily Mail
An absolute incident-packed thrill-ride from start to finish. Karin has taken on the legacy of a legend and done the series justice. -- Jo Spain
Lisbeth Salander is alive and well, and embroiled in another thrilling adventure laced with danger, violence and enemies old and new . . . Fans of the heroic hacker Salander and ageing hack Blomkvist will not be disappointed -- Alan Jones Independent
Smirnoff's writing is wonderfully vivid. If books were birds, this would be a raptor diving towards its prey with brutal agility. -- Anna Bailey
[A] highly readable - and still ferocious - addition to the Millennium sequence -- Barry Forshaw Financial Times
A thrilling adventure through a snowbound wilderness, with biting social commentary that Larsson would have been proud of. -- Jon Coates Sunday Express
A breathlessly exciting debut -- Myles McWeeney Irish Independent
A satisfying drama . . . Smirnoff has allowed Salander greater warmth than Larsson ever did, which makes her both more credible and more appealing . . . Plenty of hot topics provide the background to the plot, but it is the well-told personal stories that drive the novel. -- Natasha Walter Literary Review
Letting Karin Smirnoff take over the baton after David Lagercrantz is a stroke of genius. It is hard to believe anyone could have done it better than Smirnoff. Unless it would have been Stieg Larsson himself Upsala Nya Tidning
A really, really good crime novel. It is also a serious and successful attempt to keep Stieg Larsson's legacy alive and allow fiction to tackle crucial truths about our time Gefle Dagblad
As Karin Smirnoff takes the baton from David Lagercrantz she proves that she is exactly the right writer Skånska Dagbladet

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About the Author

Karin Smirnoff worked as a journalist before quitting her job to buy a wood factory. Her debut novel, My Brother, was nominated for the prestigious August Prize and has been optioned for TV by the producers behind The Bridge. In 2020 she completed her noir trilogy featuring Jana Kippo, which has now sold more than 500,000 copies in Sweden alone. In 2021 she was announced as the new writer for Stieg Larsson's Millennium series.

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The new Lisbeth Salander novel: an iconic female character written by a female author for the first time One of the must-read novels of 2023 Pre-order now

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29th August 2023


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