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More Sales, Less Time: Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Today's Crazy-Busy Sellers

by Jill Konrath

ISBN: 9781591847267
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ISBN: 9781591847267

Publisher Description

Salespeople today are crazy-busy. Clients are demanding more. Business is continually changing. They're under intense pressure to increase productivity. While new technologies enable massive strides, the salesperson has now become the bottleneck in the system.

Yet traditional time management strategies don't work for salespeople. They can't just zero in on "one thing." Instead they need to juggle multiple prospects, all at various stages of their decision process. They can't go "offline" for deep thinking; they're entire life revolves around researching, emailing, engaging in social media, and conversations.

So how can they sell more in less time - when their entire day is a never-ending distraction? Konrath has been overwhelmed by this challenge too. In this book, she shares her experience combined with research-based strategies specifically tailored to salespeople. Readers will learn how to-

Rescue at least one hour per day by eliminating the numerous "time bandits" that suck hours of their time - and rob them of their best thinking. Put together a unique system, based on their personal strengths and energy management techniques. Turn themselves from a time waster to a Time Master, using a transformative mindset that eliminates the difficulty of building new habits.

Readers who loved Konrath's fresh strategies in SNAP Selling and Agile Selling will find this book just as invaluable. It fills a necessary niche in the sales and time-management shelves by blending the two for a large and growing audience that needs specific advice from an expert.

Author Biography

Jill Konrath is an expert in complex sales strategies. Her web site is a popular resource for sellers seeking contracts in the corporate market. She publishes one of the industry's top sales blogs, as well as a newsletter with thousands of subscribers around the world. An in-demand speaker and workshop presenter, Jill is frequently quoted in news media nationwide.""


"More Sales, Less Time delivers exactly what salespeople need in this high-speed, high-demand age: research-tested strategies for time management tailored to the special needs of sales work. This book is definitely worth your time." --DANIEL H. PINK, author of To Sell Is Human "Jill Konrath understands it's not about selling more by doing more--it's about selling more by doing less. In this book, she provides practical guidance to help sellers slow down, evaluate trade-offs, and make the hard choices necessary to focus only on those things that matter most." --BRENT ADAMSON, principal executive advisor at CEB and coauthor of The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer

"We inundate our sales teams with new technologies all the time, hoping that at least one of them will enable our sellers to make quota. Imagine what would happen if we gave people a real silver bullet--more time. That's exactly what Jill Konrath offers in her new book. She lays out the tools and tactics salespeople can use to do more in a day and achieve their goals." --TRISH BERTUZZI, author of The Sales Development Playbook and president and chief strategist of The Bridge Group

"As a salesperson, your biggest asset is your time. Use it right and you'll make President's Club, with time left over for family and self. More Sales, Less Time shows sales reps how to weed out time sucks, focus on what really counts, and turn the digital age into a productivity asset. Read it and multiply your value!" --TIM SANDERS, author of Dealstorming

"Tired of being crazy-busy? Jill Konrath's got great advice for managing distractions and focusing on what matters most, so you can do more and feel better about how you work." --LAURA VANDERKAM, author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

"More Sales, Less Time is filled with innovative strategies and challenging experiments to help you achieve your maximum productivity potential. Try some--you'll sell better, faster." --MARK ROBERGE, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, former HubSpot CRO, and author of The Sales Acceleration Formula

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Jill Konrath
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Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Today's Crazy-Busy Sellers
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United States
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