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LaunchPad for Kuby Immunology (12 Month Access Card)

by Jenni Punt, Sharon Stranford, Patricia Jones and Judy Owen

PUBLISHED: 2nd August 2018
ISBN: 9781319147518
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PUBLISHED: 2nd August 2018
ISBN: 9781319147518

Publisher Description

This is the access card only, does not include textbook. LaunchPad is an interactive online resource that helps students achieve better results. LaunchPad combines an interactive e-book with high-quality multimedia content and ready-made assessment options, including LearningCurve, our adaptive quizzing resource, to engage your students and develop their understanding. Features Include:

  • Pre-built Units for each chapter, curated by experienced educators, with media for that chapter organized and ready to assign or customize to suit your course. Intuitive and useful analytics, with a Gradebook that lets you see how your class is doing individually and as a whole. A streamlined and intuitive interface that lets you build an entire course in minutes. LearningCurve in Launchpad In a game-like format, LearningCurve adaptive and formative quizzing provides an effective way to get students involved in the coursework. It offers: A unique learning path for each student, with quizzes shaped by each individual's correct and incorrect answers. A Personalised Study Plan, to guide students' preparation for class and for exams.* Feedback for each question with live links to relevant e-book pages, guiding students to the reading they need to do to improve their areas of weakness.

Author Biography

Judith Owen, Elizabeth Ufford Green Chair of Natural Sciences, Haverford College, USA. Judith has served on the Education Committee of the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) and as Chair of the AAI Membership Committee. Judith is a recipient of the AAI Academic Mentoring Award, The Charles and Mary Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching and of a Career Advancement Award and a Faculty Award for Women from the NSF. Together, Jennifer Punt and Judith Owen initiated the AAI Introductory Immunology Course, which is now offered on an annual basis.

Jennifer Punt, Professor of Biology, Haverford College, USA. Jennifer has received numerous Teaching Awards at Haverford College, as well as the American Association of Immunologist Distinguished Service Award for Teaching and helping to develop their Introductory Course Curriculum. She performs research with her undergraduate students on thymocyte and immature blood cell fate decisions.

Sharon Stranford, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences and Program in Biochemistry, Mount Holyoke College, USA. Sharon's research, which is funded by the NIH and NSF, utilizes a murine model of AIDS to study early genetic and immunologic indicators of susceptibility to acquired immune deficiency.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of the Immune System2. Cells, Organs, and Microenvironments of the Immune System3. Recognition and Response4. Innate Immunity5. The Complement System6. The Organization and Expression of Lymphocyte Receptor Genes7. The Major Histocompatibility Complex and Antigen Presentation8. T-Cell Development9. B-Cell Development10. T-Cell Activation, Differentiation, and Memory11. B-Cell Activation, Differentiation, and Memory12. Effector Responses: Cell- and Antibody-Mediated Immunity13. Mucosal Immunity and the Microbiome14. The Immune Response in Time and Space15. Allergy, Hypersensitivities, and Chronic Inflammation16. Tolerance, Autoimmunity, and Transplantation17. Infectious Diseases and Vaccines18. Immunodeficiency Disorders19. Cancer and the Immune System20. Experimental Methods and System

Product Details

Jenni Punt, Sharon Stranford, Patricia Jones, Judy Owen
W.H.Freeman & Co Ltd
Publication Date
International Edition
Country of Publication
United States
Approx. 880 p.
College/Higher Education
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