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Almighty Dollar

Dharshini David

  • Paperback
ISBN: 9781783963768
Synopsis coming soon.......
Almighty Dollar
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  • Paperback
ISBN: 9781783963768
Synopsis coming soon.......


Synopsis coming soon.......

Publisher Description

The dollar is the lifeblood of globalisation: China holds billions in reserve for good reason. Greenbacks, singles, bucks or dead presidents, call them what you will, $1.2 trillion worth are floating around right now - and half the dollars in circulation are actually outside of the USA.

But what is really happening as these billions of dollars go around the world every day? By following $1 from a shopping trip in suburban Texas, via China's Central Bank, Nigerian railroads, the oil fields of Iraq and beyond, The Almighty Dollar answers questions such as: why is China the world's biggest manufacturer - and the US its biggest customer? Is free trade really a good thing? Why would a nation build a bridge on the other side of the globe?

In lively and entertaining prose Dharshini David lays bare these complex interrelationships through the simple story of one dollar as it moves through the opaque international system. This is essential reading that gets to the heart of how our new globalised world really works.

Author Biography

Dharshini David is the BBC's Economics Correspondent, providing coverage of the subject across national TV and radio and online. She also presents business news for BBC Radio 4's flagship Today programme. She started her career as an economist in government, and was subsequently HSBC Investment Bank's UK Economist. She left the trading floor to cover financial stories for the BBC in London and went on to present Panorama and the BBC's Wall Street coverage from New York as the financial crisis took hold. She has also presented business and political news programmes for Sky News, including the flagship Sky News Tonight show alongside Adam Boulton. During her career, Dharshini has also advised Tesco's board, and its then CEO Sir Terry Leahy, on broadcast media strategy, acted as an economic consultant to Daiwa Bank, and sat as a non-executive member of one the Financial Conduct Authority's boards. She is the author of The Almighty Dollar (Elliott & Thompson, 2018) which explains in accessible terms the economic foundations that underpin the modern world.

Table of Contents

Contents; Introduction 1; 1 Worshipping at the temple of low prices and endless offers: The USA to China 15; 2 Making - and working - the global red carpet: China 41; 3 Finding love in the Niger Delta: China to Nigeria 65; 4 Spicing up the recipe for success: Nigeria to India 89; 5 The dark price of black gold: India to Iraq 119; 6 Funding the means of destruction: Iraq to Russia 143; 7 The trials of a blended family: Russia to Germany 169; 8 A bad day at work for the Masters of the Universe: Germany to the UK 195; 9 Feeding the addiction: The UK to the USA 221; Further reading 251; Acknowledgements 255; Index 257


"A brilliant book ... everyone should buy it because it's very, very readable" - Iain Dale, LBC; "Original and engaging ... If you've ever wondered what globalisation is and why people get so passionate about it then I can think of no better guide. Economics can be fascinating and accessible. This book is proof" - Joel Hills, Business Editor, ITV News; Brilliantly revealing' - Ian King, business presenter, Sky News, and Times columnist;Readable and illuminating' - The Bookseller

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Country of Publication
United Kingdom
Follow the Incredible Journey of a Single Dollar to See How the Global Economy Really Works
Elliott & Thompson Limited
Dharshini David
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