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The Uninhabitable Earth

David Wallace-Wells

PUBLISHED: 5th March 2019
ISBN: 9780241400517
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PUBLISHED: 5th March 2019
ISBN: 9780241400517

Publisher Description

The signs of climate change are unmistakable even today, but the real transformations have hardly begun. We've been taught that warming would be slow-but, barring very dramatic action, each of these impacts is likely to arrive within the length of a new mortgage signed this year.

What will it be like to live on a pummeled planet? What will it do to our politics, our economy, our culture and sense of history? And what explains the fact we have done so little to stop it? These are not abstract questions but immediate and pressing human dramas, dilemmas and nightmares. In The Uninhabitable Earth, David Wallace-Wells undertakes a new kind of storytelling and a new kind of social science to explore the era of human history on which we have just embarked.

Author Biography

David Wallace-Wells is deputy editor of New York magazine, where he also writes frequently about climate change and the near future of science and technology. In July 2017 he published a cover story surveying the landscape of worst-case scenarios for global warming that became an immediate sensation, reaching millions of readers on its first day and, in less than a week, becoming the most-read story the magazine had ever published -and sparking an unprecedented debate, ongoing still today among scientists and journalists, about just how we should be thinking, and talking, about the planetary threat from climate change.

Product Details

David Wallace-Wells
Penguin Books Ltd
A Story of the Future
Country of Publication
United Kingdom
Publication Date
Short Title
The Uninhabitable Earth

Product Reviews

16 Apr, 2019
A very well thought out piece of writing. A confronting and important insight to our future on this planet.
A worthwhile read, one that I highly recommend and will be sure to pass on to those around me.
By Sebastian
15 Apr, 2019
A well researched and written summary of today’s threats to the human race....created and delivered by the human race.
By Robert
12 Apr, 2019
By Tod
12 Apr, 2019
Compulsory reading
By Mark
04 Apr, 2019
Compelling and disturbing
By Richard
04 Apr, 2019
Bleak. Depressing. Sad.
Our future and present on this planet. A fine book. Recommended.
By Karen
04 Apr, 2019
A must read important book
By bobbi
04 Apr, 2019
This book is absolutely awful ! I haven't bought any book so waffling, long winded and devoid of any clear structure in a very very long time ! What a pity, as it addresses such a critical topic.
By Suzanne