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Budget Like a Legend

Hot tips to grow your wealth, from a guy who's been there

Author: Cameron Wislang  

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Don't want money to rule your every waking thought? Look no further.

This whole budgeting, sorting out your money thing - it's not impossible. It's not something only super-clever or lucky people can do. It's something that every single person can accomplish.

This book is a Kiwi's no-nonsense guide to changing your mindset, building a budget, and beginning your path to wealth, no matter where your starting point - from someone who's been there.

With relatable and simple steps, you'll learn how to:

  • create a sustainable budget that actually works
  • get out of debt and start saving
  • spend less using easy tips and challenges
  • boost your income
  • buy a house (yes, you really can!) and
  • plan for financial freedom.

Small, smart changes will shift the way you think about money and have you feeling confident about the future. It might just be the most important thing you ever do!

'I read the whole thing' - a youth

'It didn't make me fall asleep' - another youth

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About the Author

Cameron Wislang is a twenty-something father of two young girls and husband to Kaitlyn, living on the Kapiti Coast, Wellington. Cameron grew his net worth from 20k to 750k in four years with no help from family. A money and budgeting geek, Cameron and his wife Kaitlyn run the popular Instagram @bdebudgets and their business, Big Dollar Energy Budgets.

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HarperCollins Publishers (New Zealand) | HarperCollins Publishers
6th March 2024


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