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Politics, 4th Edition

Andrew Heywood

ISBN / EAN: 9780230363380
This textbook is prescribed for the following courses:
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PUBLISHED: 27th February 2013
ISBN: 9780230363380
Politics, 4th Edition
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ISBN / EAN: 9780230363380
This textbook is prescribed for the following courses:
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PUBLISHED: 27th February 2013
ISBN: 9780230363380


Fully revised and updated 4th edition of this highly successful text which offers a truly comprehensive introduction to the study of politics, written from an international perspective and ideal for students with an interest in politics, as well as the general reader.

Publisher Description

Its lively, engaging style and authoritative and comprehensive coverage have made this highly successful text the first choice introduction to politics for students and instructors alike.The fourth edition has been has been systematically revised and updated to cover key developments such as the global economic crisis and the Arab Spring. The book also has a new more integrated chapter structure which makes it easier for students to see how different topics interrelate and takes better account of the increasing interdependence between domestic and world events.With an attractive new full-colour page design, each chapter includes a range of innovative features and boxed information to aid learning and stimulate critical reflection:- Full-page Politics in Action boxes examine major political events from around the world and reflect on their significance for political science. - Debating boxes introduce the key controversies within politics and highlight arguments both for and against a particular proposition.- Illustrated Key Thinker profiles give detail about important figures and their ideas- Concept boxes offer a fuller discussion of important political terms and concepts, particularly those with complex or contested meanings

Author Biography

Andrew Heywood

Table of Contents

What is Politics? Political Ideas and Ideologies Politics and the State Democracy and Legitimacy Nations and Nationalism Political Economy and Globalization Politics, Society and Identity Political Culture and the Media Representation, Elections and Voting Parties and Party Systems Groups, Interests and Movements Governments, Systems and Regimes Political Executives and Leadership Assemblies Constitutions, Law and Judges Public Policy and the Bureaucracy Multilevel Politics Security: Domestic and International World Order and Global Governance A Crisis in Politics?


'A remarkable textbook - and even better in this enhanced and redesigned new edition! Balanced and authoritative, and very effectively supported with informative and insightful text boxes, Politics provides a wonderfully accessible and comprehensive introduction to the subject.' - Jonathon W. Moses, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.

'If you want to understand what politics can do, what it can't do and how it works I can think of no better starting point. This new edition more than ever succeeds in bringing the subject to life for those coming to the subject for the first time while offering fresh insights and perspectives for all.' - Gerry Stoker, University of Southampton, UK

'I am a huge fan! This is how the subject should be taught - with full coverage of politics and government but sensitive to theoretical issues, informed by history and broader economic and social trends, and encouraging engagement with the key debates of our times. This is a great place to start putting together what is needed to become a fully-rounded political scientist.' - David Coates, Wake Forest University, USA

Reviews of previous edition:

'Politics is simply the best introductory guide available for the subject. Andrew Heywood defines the theory and practice of politics in a rigorous, lively and highly accessible way. This book is indispensable for any student of politics and a "must" for introductory reading lists for politics tutors.' - Professor Jon Tonge, University of Liverpool, UK

'In addition to Heywood's accessible style of writing, the book certainly benefits from many of the pedagogical features incorporated into the text. The sets of questions, outlining of key concepts, mini biographical profiles of specific philosophers and important people, focus boxes, diagrammatic representations and suggestions for further reading are all valuable, informative features and aide-memoires.' - Dr Jacqui Briggs, Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Lincoln, UK

'I have enjoyed using Politics and find it a font of knowledge at my finger tips.' - Dr Rae Nicholl, University of South Pacific, Fiji

'Overall, Politics offers a thorough and solid overview of the essential material for an introduction to political science or comparative politics.' - Professor Joel D. Wolfe, University of Cincinnati, USA

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Andrew Heywood
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Palgrave MacMillan
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Palgrave Foundations (Paperback)
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United Kingdom