Liberty Rose by Stef Ann Holm

Liberty Rose

Stef Ann Holm
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A High-Spirited Chambermaid Dainty hands clenched into fists, Liberty bristled at the latest assault on her virtue. Working in a Norfolk, Virginia, coffeehouse had been a test of her honor, but this offer was especially outrageous. A valet's wealthy employer needed a woman to pose as his intended stay at his bat her long lashes at him over dinner. Well, Liberty Rose Courtenay would never do it...except she was desperate to keep her dear revolutionary Aunt Ophelia out of debtor's prison. And the five hundred pounds he would pay her was the only solution.

Author Biography

Stef Ann Holm lives in Meridian Idaho, a small suburb of Boise. She has two beautiful daughters, and one space cadet dog who will stare for hours at any food substance. She loves hot summers, sunshine and floating in water—even if it's a plastic pool in her backyard. Visit her website at to read more about her fascinating (hah hah) life. Or you can write her the old-fashioned way at P.O. Box 1206, Meridian, ID 83680-1206

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Liberty Rose