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BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light (Black Mesh)

by BabyBjorn

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  • A Travel Cot that is simple to set up and fold up
  • Easy to take with you
  • Soft and comfy mattress
  • Removable and washable cot textiles
  • Can be used for babies and children aged 0–3 years

The Travel Cot is easy to set up and fold away

Open the bag, lift out the travel cot and set it up in one simple movement. There are no loose parts to attach. The legs unfold automatically and once you have put the mattress in you have a stable travel cot to use at home or on trips. When you’re not using it, simply fold it up and store it in the practical bag.

Easy to take with you

Travelling with children typically involves a lot of luggage, so it’s good to know the travel cot only weighs 6 kg. It’s easy to move around once set up, and the bag’s smart design means that the travel cot is easy to store, carry and stow in any baggage space – perfect for all kinds of trips.

Soft and comfy mattress

The Travel Cot Light comes with a soft and comfortable mattress, making it a cosy place for your baby to sleep. The mattress has a built-in base plate that keeps the lightweight travel cot standing firmly on the floor, so your child can always sleep securely.

A natural part of everyday life

The lightweight and cleverly designed travel cot is perfect for both small and great adventures. It’s as ideal for paying a short visit to a friend’s home as it is for longer journeys. You can also use the travel cot as a comfy extra cot at home.

A safe place for a travelling baby

Travelling can be both fun and exciting, but, at the same time, it’s comforting to have a familiar place to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings. The Travel Cot Light is a safe place for small children to sleep and feel at home.

Airy design for good supervision

The sides of the travel cot are made from soft and airy mesh fabric. As this allows the baby to breathe through the fabric, you need not worry if the baby’s face is close to the sides of the crib. The see-through mesh lets you keep an eye on your baby and allows your baby to look out.

Product specifications

  • Age: From newborn to approximately three years, or until your child can climb out of the travel cot. There is no upper weight limit.
  • Weight (including carry bag): 6 kg.
  • Mattress dimensions: 60 x 105 x 3 cm.
  • Assembled dimensions: 82 x 112 x 64 cm.
  • Folded up in bag dimensions: 49 x 60 x 14 cm.
  • A fitted mattress is included.
  • Note! Do not place any other mattresses in the travel cot.


  • All fabrics close to your child are gentle against your child’s skin and safe to chew or suck on. They have been tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I for baby products. This means that the textiles are free from health-hazardous substances and allergens.
  • Cot fabric: 100% polyester
  • Mattress cover: 70% polyester, 30% cotton
  • Mattress: 100% polyether foam
  • Care Instructions: Both the mattress cover and cot fabric can be easily removed and washed in the machine.

Product Details

Black Mesh
Filter Colour
Product Weight
Assembled: 82 x 112 x 64 cm
0m - 3y

Product Reviews

19 Dec, 2018
By Amanda
16 Dec, 2018
Fast to assemble. Easy to get back in its bag.
By Andrew
03 Dec, 2018
Love it, easy to use, compact, comfortable and best of all my twins love their travel cots at sleep time.
By Sarah
03 Dec, 2018
By Lucy
29 Nov, 2018
By Emma
21 Nov, 2018
So simple to put up and simple to put down. Literally takes seconds!
By Tania
08 Nov, 2018
So easy to set up and so easy to fold up again!
By Jodi
08 Nov, 2018
By Amanda
07 Nov, 2018
Easy to assemble and collapse down. Very light and safe. Only downside’s a bit hard on the back putting a sleeping child down into the cot
By Robyn
07 Nov, 2018
I just used this for a 3 week holiday and my 6 month old loves it. It's compact, light, comfortable and so easy to use.
By Erin
06 Nov, 2018
Very easy to assemble, feels nice and sturdy. A good option for travelling with my 4 month old and will last for years. The mattress is better quality than I was expecting too.
By Fiona
05 Nov, 2018
We love it and so does our little one. The thicker mattress and ease of set up/pack down make it an absolute winner in terms of travel cots. We have used a different travel cot on a holiday before we purchased the Bijorn (which was cheaper, harder to use and with a thin solid/uncomfortable mattress base) and our boy didn’t like it one bit. This one was definitely worth the money.
By Danielle
04 Nov, 2018
By Julien
02 Nov, 2018
By Francesca
01 Nov, 2018
Fantastic product. Easy to use, set up is quick, Compact enough to carry along to friends and family get togethers. Matteress is comfortable for baby to sleep in. Overall great product.
By Fadline
31 Oct, 2018
By Alexandra
22 Oct, 2018
I love how light it is packed up and how easy it is to assemble. also the mesh is so thin and breathable but sturdy. And also how the base mattress is clipped in place
By michael
19 Oct, 2018
By Jenelle
19 Oct, 2018
By Bianca
11 Oct, 2018
Great travel cot. Positives: Extremely easy and quick to set up. Comfortable for baby.
Negative: Can be difficult to get sleeping baby down to ground level in cot without waking.
Suggestions for improvements: a longer shoulder strap for bag and a zip in mesh side of cot from top to bottom.
By Kelly
10 Oct, 2018
It’s perfect! So easy to essemble and disassemble. And Bub sleeps well in it too!
By Rebecca
08 Oct, 2018
By Jenny
06 Oct, 2018
This travel cot is excellent in all ways. Its ease of use and quality is far superior to the many other products on the market. Although it is more expensive, it is certainly worth the extra cost.
By Maureen
04 Oct, 2018
By Lilian
04 Oct, 2018
Love how lightweight ot is, how easy it is to pack in the car for trips and how easy it is to use!
By Megan
03 Oct, 2018
By Ultima
28 Sep, 2018
Easy to erect and dismantle.
Would like zippers in the side so bub can be accessed through the side panels.
By Bonnie
27 Sep, 2018
Easy to set up and dismantle, took up little boot space, wish I bought this 4 years ago for my first child!!
By Sarah
26 Sep, 2018
By Nicolai
24 Sep, 2018
Confortable travel cot. Baby slept well. Stylish and easy to use.
By Sarah
17 Sep, 2018
So easy to put up and down and the best mattress I’ve seen in a porta cot. So easy to travel with
By Sarah
04 Sep, 2018
By Anna
22 Aug, 2018
By Amanda
19 Aug, 2018
By Kerry
15 Aug, 2018
So easy to assemble and pack up. Compact storage takes up very little space and is really lightweight. My grandson has no trouble falling asleep in it. Best money I ever spent.
By Karen
14 Aug, 2018
Very easy to unpack and repack, high quality product!
By Raymond
18 Jul, 2018
Amazing product! Highly recommend
By Michelle
15 Jul, 2018
By Louise
10 Jul, 2018
By Sharon
22 Jun, 2018
We use this product camping and love it. It’s light and easy to use
By Melantha
17 Jun, 2018
easy to use, small to store and carry around. best travel cot i've used
By kathryn
14 Jun, 2018
By Emma
13 Jun, 2018
It’s amazing! We have taken it to Bali and it is perfect. Our little girl is 9months old and she loves sleeping in it.
By Kathryn
13 Jun, 2018
Easiest cot to put together ever! Packs and unpacks easily and without fuss. Great, compact and easy to carry. More expensive than others, but worth the money!
By Marta
12 Jun, 2018
Pros: Compact and easy to use. Good quality materials. Easy and comfortable for baby to sleep in.
Cons: More expensive than similar brands.
However, pros outweigh the cons and I think this travel cot is worth the price tag.
By Rachael
06 Jun, 2018
06 Jun, 2018
By Lauren
06 Jun, 2018
Compact and lightweight. Great for traveling. Only negative is that it sits very low to the ground and for grandparents it is quite difficult to bend down and pick Baby up
By Amy
05 Jun, 2018
By Joanne
14 May, 2018
Really easy to put it together and lightweight to carry and the most important our little one loves to sleep on it.
By Camila
30 Apr, 2018
High quality cot that is easy to use and packs down well
By Ant
27 Apr, 2018
Duper easy to put up, slightly more tricky to get down. Safe. Very light compared to other port a cots. Definitely a winner!
By Kira-Lee
23 Apr, 2018
Great bit of kit.
By Thomas
20 Apr, 2018
Very easy to use, keep and clean/wash.
By Darren
12 Apr, 2018
By Shiya
04 Apr, 2018
By Antonella
02 Apr, 2018
By Mary
28 Mar, 2018
Great travel cot, very easy to put together and not too heavy.
By Thao
26 Mar, 2018
By Joyce
09 Nov, 2017
By Monique
11 Sep, 2017
By David
11 Sep, 2017
By alicia
07 Sep, 2017
By Nadine
01 Sep, 2017
By Torey
19 Aug, 2017
By Fiona
19 Aug, 2017
By Georgia
08 Aug, 2017
I'm trying to put 5 stars but it's not letting me!! Best product ever .. love it
By Josh
21 Jul, 2017
Brilliant travel cot - so easy to use. Worth the money!
By Joanne
18 Jul, 2017
Very portable and light. Excellent for travel.
By Wendy
06 Jul, 2017
By Xinru
03 Jul, 2017
My baby sleeps better in this than our home cot. Great mattress and very easy to set up and pack down
By Anna
09 Jun, 2017
By Mark
08 Jun, 2017
By Lisa
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