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Babychic Designs Infant Head Support (Monochrome Aztec)

by Babychic Designs

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The Babychic Infant Head Support is made from 100% cotton fabrics & cotton fillings. This combination is highly breathable, helping to keep baby cool whilst in the pram. This breathability helps to reduce the risk of eczema flare-ups and skin irritations. Most alternative infant head pillows are made from mainly synthetic velours, fabrics and fillings. These may feel soft to touch, however as these materials are made from polyester, they can trap the heat, which can then lead to baby getting hot, sweaty and irritable. With Babychic's fashionable prints, you can give your pram a unique look while supporting baby's head and because of their simple design they are easy to take in and out of the pram.

  • Made from high quality 100% cotton fabrics and soft fluffy cotton filling.
  • Supports baby's head & neck in the pram or stroller.
  • Quick & easy to install, does not interfere with strap/ harness covers.
  • Suitable for newborns.

Product Details

Babychic Designs
Monochrome Aztec
Material type
100% Cotton
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