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Goodbaby Cot To Go (Satin Black)

by Goodbaby

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The perfect carry cot for parents on the go, the cot to go is the latest addition to the gb ultra compact range. This carry cot offers lightweight luxury for newborn and small babies up to approx. 6 months (9 kg) with a full lie-flat position on a soft memory foam mattress. When it's not in use, it folds up into a compact package, so small it's hand luggage compliant on airplanes. The cot to go clicks into or out of the qbit+ or pockit+ buggy in seconds thanks to memory buttons, and turns them into a 3-in-1 travel system that's suitable from birth - the perfect compact travel solution for cosmopolitans.

  • compatible - with the qbit+ & pockit+ strollers
  • sun canopy - for extra protection again sun with upf50+ and wind
  • memory buttons - for easy and convenient click on and click off of the carry cot
  • carry straps - for comfortable and easy carrying
  • memory foam mattress - extra-soft memory foam mattress
  • fold mechanism - it just takes a few steps and the cot to go can be folded into a 3 kg super-lightweight, compact package that can be stored easily at home or on travel
  • weight3 kgs
  • weight limit9 kgs

pram & stroller safety - most important

  • to avoid falls, serious injuries and death:
  • never leave a child unattended in a pram or stroller.
  • always use:
  • the safety harness when the child is in the vehicle.
  • the parking brake when the vehicle is stopped, even for a short time.
  • the tether strap, especially when the vehicle is in motion or stopped on any kind of slope.
  • read and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Before you buy

  • before buying a pram or stroller, decide what your requirements are. Consider whether you will need a convertible pram or stroller that will fit in your car, and whether you require a lightweight and easy to use model.
  • all prams and strollers must comply with the mandatory standard. Look for a label or sticker that says the pram or stroller complies with this standard. If there isn't one, ask the retailer. If the retailer cannot verify that it complies, ask if there is another one that does comply.
  • make sure the pram or stroller is fitted with a five-point restraint harness (a crotch strap between the legs, straps that go over both shoulders and a waist belt). If not, buy one separately and have it fitted.
  • make sure the pram or stroller is fitted with at least a three-point restraint harness with a waist belt and crotch strap between the legs. Most prams and strollers will have a five-point restraint harness that also has straps going over both shoulders.
  • check that there are no gaps that could trap a head, fingers or limbs.
  • all locking components must be working properly, including wheel locks and recliner adjustment locks.
  • look for strong components which feel rigid and not rickety. The pram or stroller should be easy to steer with solid and durable wheel components.
  • learn how to correctly fold and use the pram or stroller at the time you buy it and make sure you have been given all instructions.
  • consider a pram that has a carry basket fitted that will not tip or rock the pram when loaded with items (usually centrally located underneath).

Safe use

  • a harness should be used from the first time a child is placed in a pram or stroller to get them used to being secured.
  • do not leave children unattended in a pram or stroller. They may get caught in its structure or unbalance the pram or stroller and tip it over. Another child may climb on and tip over or push the pram or stroller into a dangerous situation.
  • try to avoid sleeping children in a pram or stroller as much as possible. Childrenparticularly older childrenoften move in their sleep, which can be dangerous if they are unrestrained. They can wriggle into positions where they could suffocate, become strangled, or tip the pram or stroller over.
  • if the pram or stroller folds up for carrying make sure frame locks are working properly and check them regularly. This can prevent the pram or stroller collapsing and injuring or trapping the child.
  • remove the child from the pram or stroller before making any adjustments, as small fingers may become caught in the folding mechanism.
  • prams and strollers are not designed to hold additional weight, such as groceries and shopping, on the handles or push bars while carrying a child. If they are overloaded they can become unstable and fall over, injuring the child.
  • do not allow more than the intended number of child occupants in the pram or stroller. This could cause it to tip over or collapse.
  • do not place a baby under six months old in a stroller unless the backrest can be adjusted to an angle of more than 130 degrees to the seat, or they are capable of sitting in an upright position.
  • do not let a child stand on or lean out of a pram or stroller.
  • do not use a pillow or cushion in the pram or stroller, because it may cause suffocation.
  • avoid pushing loaded strollers or prams up or down stairs, or over curbs or very rough ground. Use lifts rather than stairs or escalators when transporting children in prams or strollers.

Product Details

Satin Black
80 x 33 x 87cm
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