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Baby Changing & Potty

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Baby Changing & Potty

If your baby is young then they will need to be changed and potty trained. That can take time and we have various baby changing products to make your life easy while your baby is growing up. 

Starting with simple items such as nappies, we have you covered so that your baby is comfortable. You can keep them in our nappy bags. These come in handy, especially if your travelling or out and about. You’ll be able to keep your baby gear separate from everything else.

When your baby is little they won’t be able to use an adult toilet. We offer baby potties and tiny toilet seats which will make toilet time easy and you won’t need to worry about carrying baby changing equipment. They come in a variety of designs to suit your taste and provide an enjoyable experience for your baby.

While they are being trained or still wearing nappies, you’ll want to dispose of nappies and you can easily do this with our nappy disposal products.

Most parents have at some point lamented about how they struggle to go out with their baby. You might be concerned that changing them will be difficult but with our baby change mats or our change tables you will feel relaxed about going outdoors or travelling. Some of our change tables have shelving and this means you can store your changing gear easily.

For your baby’s comfort, we have a selection of change mat covers available so your baby can be on a soft surface. The mats will protect the change tables and their covers, which are available in a vast array of prints and designs and can easily be washed.

As your baby grows up, they will start to use a baby potty. We have various options available to help you with the transition.