The Guide by Terry Williams

The Guide

Terry Williams and Mike Loder
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  • ISBN
    9781869711290 / 1869711297
  • Title The Guide
  • Author Terry Williams and Mike Loder
  • Category Personal & Social Issues
  • Format
  • Year 2008
  • Pages 304
  • Publisher
    Hachette New Zealand Ltd
  • Imprint Hodder Moa
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 135mm x 210mm x 13mm

Publisher Description

Provides the young reader with the confidence to take a big stride both into adulthood and towards achieving their dreams. They will be armed with enough knowledge to avoid the top 100 future-wrecking errors that can be made, big and small. Packed full of information on such wide-ranging topics as getting a drivers license, job seeking, avoiding cons, OE travel, alcohol and drugs, flatting, pets, and relationships, the book is an immediately useful, fun toolbox to aid a young person in finding self and demystifying adulthood. It says: 'Don't be scared. You are not alone. Here is some well-supported wisdom to help YOU make decisions.' And the best thing about THE GUIDE is IT'S FUNNY. Not preachy, not boring, it doesn't sound like your mum; it's laugh-out-loud funny.

Author Biography

Mike Loder is a comedian and commentator based in Auckland. The 'Billy T' Comedy Award winner has been a regular feature act on TV's 'Pulp Comedy' and the last several 'NZ International Comedy Festival Galas'. Mike has written on the subject of comedy for the New Zealand Herald, Auckland Magazine and many more. He performs as a voice artist and has written comedy material for several radio and television shows, including a serial broadcast daily by 50 radio stations nationwide. His other credits include 'Off the Wire' and the Jim Mora show on National Radio. Terry Williams is a top speaker with a managerial background who shows NZ and international business audiences simple but dramatically effective communication techniques to influence staff, customers and other important people in their lives. Terry has a degree in history and a post-graduate degree in management, but his trade is as a trainer. He ghost-writes humorous articles for professional journals, presentations for conferences and speeches for events.

User Reviews
  • can I say WOW?? Where was this book when I needed it 30 years ago? I have now passed it on to my son (22)he's not really a reader, however he's being reading it for a week now and even shown it to a friend. I laughed and I cried, and I also learnt some very interesting things. Love it.

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The Guide