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Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game: Imperial Raider Expansion Pack

by Fantasy Flight Games

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Explore epic new chapters in the Galactic Civil War with the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack for X-WingTM! The Empire gains a powerful counter to the Rebellion's huge ships with one huge, pre-painted Imperial Raider-class corvette and a new TIE Advanced miniature that features an alternate paint scheme. With rules for "energy" to fuel your shields and abilities, plus a maneuver template that gives your Raider the feel of a truly huge ship, the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack is a tremendously valuable tool for all those looking to crush the Rebellion in Cinematic and Epic Play!.

  • A huge Imperial starship expansion for X-WingTM
  • Features one huge, pre-painted Imperial Raider-class corvette designed for use in the game's Cinematic and Epic Play modes
  • Rules for "energy" and a new maneuver template ensure the Raider flies differently from smaller Starfighters, freighters, transports
  • Players find new options for Standard Play with the expansion's TIE Advanced miniature, its six ship cards, and the expansion's thirty-four upgrades
  • Introduces a lethal, dedicated anti-fighter vessel to the Star Wars galaxy

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