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Potter: The Complete Series 1, 2 And 3

  • DVD
Potter: The Complete Series 1, 2 And 3
Mild themes and coarse language

Mild themes and coarse language

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  • DVD


For many a long year, Redvers Potter has been head of the family firm - Pottermints (the hotter mints!). A man used to being obeyed, he is authoritative and decisive. At 58, he has decided to sell the business. Mrs. Potter, who has had the dubious honour of holding her position for some thirty years, has taken to vodka at the prospect of having her husband at home all day. She has long dreaded his retirement and is learning to cope with the extra time he now has to ignore her - or alternatively to advise her how to do things he should be doing himself. Not unnaturally, with time now on his hands, he tends to interfere with other people's lives: "I'll help people. That's what I'll do. They are usually simple creatures; bloody idiots most of them," or rather, as his neighbours see it, "probe his nose into other people's business!" Potter's enthusiasm for 'helping others' though is equalled only by his ineptitude in so doing! The brilliant Arthur Lowe (DAD'S ARMY) creates the perfect, pompous portrayal of Redvers Potter in this classic BBC comedy series from the prolific pen of Roy Clarke (OPEN ALL HOURS, KEEPING UP APPEARANCES). Noel Dyson (FATHER, DEAR FATHER) is his long-suffering wife, with comedy favourite John Barron (YES, MINISTER, THE FALL AND RISE OF REGINALD PERRIN) as the vicar - his friend and drinking companion who shares a similar philosophy to Potter's, and Harry H. Corbett (STEPTOE & SON) as villain Harry Tooms. In 1982 after two hilarious series, Arthur Lowe sadly passed away - just as a third series of POTTER was in pre-production. Too advanced to be cancelled, Robin Bailey (RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY) stepped into the role for a further seven episodes - all of which are included in this release as a bonus. So prepare to be organised by POTTER, with his unique ability to create havoc where peace once reigned! SERIES 1 EPISODE ONE Redvers Potter has now retired from the family firm of Pottermints, and with time on his hands is going to make a new career of interfering in other people's lives. EPISODE TWO A typical Potter day. He helps his neighbours. He has a word with the Vicar. He greets his sister who, with her outrageous husband, has come on an unwelcome visit. All this he carries off with his ability to create havoc where peace once reigned. EPISODE THREE Another bad day. His sister Harriet and the dreaded Willy have to extend their visit because in spite of all Potter's efforts their caravanette remains unroadworthy. EPISODE FOUR Potter spends his day helping others with problems they did not know existed until he came round to lend a hand. EPISODE FIVE Potter tries to apply his experience in marketing Pottermints - the Hottermints - to selling valuable paintings in his neighbour's antique shop. EPISODE SIX While playing golf with the vicar, Potter witnesses an indiscretion on the part of Harry Tooms, a retired gangster. So he decides to encourage Mr. Tooms to contribute to the church restoration fund. The idea goes the same way as most of Potter's schemes. SERIES 2 EPISODE ONE Jane, the vicar's wife, has an accident which puts her in hospital for a few days. Naturally Potter is available to help out at the Vicarage. EPISODE TWO Redvers Potter - always ready with a helping hand, especially when it is not wanted-comes across his newly found friend Harry Tooms, the retired gangster. EPISODE THREE Potter becomes deeply involved in factory farming, a goldfish and a loud check suit that used to belong to Eddie the Gent-a friend of Harry Tooms'. EPISODE FOUR Rodney Potter is a highly successful executive in the recording industry. But because his field is pop music, his father cannot accept his success. "Why don't you get yourself a proper job?" is typical of Potter's biggotted view of the young. EPISODE FIVE Accompanied by the vicar and Tolly, Potter visits Harry Tooms, the one time villain now struggling to live an honest life. The trio leave Harry's place with a roll of carpet to be sold in Tolly's antique shop. But where did Harry get the carpet? With Potter in charge these slight complications soon turn to total confusion. EPISODE SIX The Potter clan gather for a momentous family occasion - the christening of their first granddaughter. Even though Potter controls the event with his usual 'managerial expertise', the baby is christened on time but...... EPISODE SEVEN His attempts to help a French family who have lost their way encourages Potter to offer his services to the local Chamber of Commerce as a guide to visiting foreigners. Contrary to expectations his efforts do not start World War lll - quite! SERIES 3 EPISODE ONE Potter and his friend and drinking companion, the Vicar, feel that Potter's neighbour, the amiable and meek Tolly, has a gap in his life. They decide that this gap should be filled by a dog! EPISODE TWO The Vicar tells Potter that the church needs a new boiler. With all his organizing experience Potter has an immediate scheme to raise the necessary funds but, as always, the best laid plans seem to have a way of going wrong. EPISODE THREE With time on his hands and his undoubted (at least in his own opinion) managerial skills itching to be unleashed, Potter attempts to help out his neighbour Tolly. For once Potter is totally blameless when the scheme does not have a successful outcome. EPISODE FOUR Potter with his friend the Vicar goes for a quiet drink in the pub and both are rather startled by the arrival of a man in a boat. EPISODE FIVE Aileen, Potter's long suffering wife, has arranged a coffee morning with friends. However, Potter's decision to clear out a loft turns this genteel occasion into a battle of the sexes. EPISODE SIX Potter, the Vicar and Tolly, together with their wives are invited to a wine and cheese party. Inevitably Potter decides to help some of the guests, but this does not automatically make for a happier party. EPISODE SEVEN Potter's suggestion that Tolly give himself and the Vicar a lift to the golf club at first seems a sensible one. Life for Potter is anything but simple, though, and in this last episode of the series problems and mishaps occur for all concerned.

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