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KeepCup Brew Cork (Sea Shepherd) - 340mL

by KeepCup

$37.29 + free shipping
Ships Monday
From Australia
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Feb 27 – Mar 04
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Sea Shepherd vessels patrol the oceans on the front line of ocean conservation. They use non-violent and direct action, and the power of the camera to prevent illegal activity in the world’s oceans.

Sea Shepherd KeepCups support the mission to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans.

  • Durable, fully tempered, soda lime glass.
  • 4 #7 plastic and glass – cup, lid and plug recyclable at end of life.

  • Sustainably sourced cork band.
  • For best results hand wash only.

This colour is available in 12oz (medium) ONLY

Product Details

340mL / 12oz

Product Reviews

19 Feb, 2019
Love my keep cup! It would be awesome if it was dishwasher safe but nevertheless this is a great reusable cup! Highly recommend
By Kylie D
15 Feb, 2019
By Charlotte B
06 Feb, 2019
Good great
By Tom Y
03 Feb, 2019
It’s fine
By Ryan
23 Jan, 2019
By Maree C
19 Dec, 2018
By Alyssia M
07 Nov, 2018
By Jessica S
30 Oct, 2018
By Arnold O
24 Sep, 2018
By Gemma M
19 Sep, 2018
By Ellen P
30 Aug, 2018
What’s not to love? Sleek design and easy to clean.
By Laura S
27 Aug, 2018
I love it. Confortable in my hand. The mouthpiece is very good too. And I'm happy to promote Sea Shepherdnat work. :-)
By Astrid D
23 Aug, 2018
Spill-free lid, nice shape, classy cork & glass design, best reusable cup yet!
By Jennifer C
23 Aug, 2018
By Geoffrey N
18 Jul, 2018
By Leon B
17 Jul, 2018
By Hamish S
12 Jul, 2018
Have used it a dozen or so times. So that's already a lot of cups saved. The cork feels really nice. Haven't got any complaints yet
By Ben D
12 Jul, 2018
By Matthew K
05 Jul, 2018
Awesome product
By Lily D
03 Jul, 2018
By Mr. A
03 Jul, 2018
By Andrew Q
20 Jun, 2018
Love my Keep Cup. It keeps my coffee nice & hot n the cork stops my fingers from getting burnt. Save the planet! Peace Xx
By Caroline S
08 May, 2018
I use this cup every single day! Love it. Love that the emblem hasn’t faded or scratched off. If I had to think of a negative, it would be my preference for the rubber holder rather than the cork as I can remove easily for cleaning.
By Todd K
27 Apr, 2018
Not producing any more rubbish for the environment
By Nathan R
18 Apr, 2018
By Ashleigh I
23 Sep, 2017
By Cherise M
12 Sep, 2017
love the cup but the lid spin plug seems to bend out of shape and not seal as good as new over time to you have to pull it apart and bend it back into shape
By Dylan F
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