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The Year of the Beast

by Steven Carroll

PUBLISHED: 1st February 2020
ISBN: 9781460757703
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PUBLISHED: 1st February 2020
ISBN: 9781460757703

Publisher Description

'He is one of the best we've ever had' - Geraldine Brooks

One of Australia's finest and most critically acclaimed writers returns with a powerful novel that goes back to the very beginning of the story, to bring his sweeping Glenroy series to a magnificent close.

Melbourne, 1917: the times are tumultuous, the city is in the grip of a kind of madness. The Great War is raging, and it is the time of the hotly contested second conscription referendum. Fights are raging on the streets, rallies for 'YES' and 'NO' facing off against each other on opposing corners. Men, women and children, jostling, brawling, fighting and spitting.

Through these streets walks Maryanne, forty years old, unmarried and seven months pregnant. These are uncertain, dangerous times for a woman in her position. And she is facing a difficult choice - a choice which gets more urgent by the day - whether to give her child up for adoption as the Church insists she does, or to keep her child and face an uncertain future.

An extraordinary powerful novel of a time, a city and a woman, The Year of the Beast is Steven Carroll at his best. A rhythmic, insistent and pulsing novel that tells a compelling story of mothers, families, and what it means to be an individual, standing against the surge of the crowd.

'This is a wonderful book, richly evocative of its time and with unforgettable characters.' - ANZ Lit Lovers

'The Year of the Beast is written with a perfect poetic pace that gives us a chance to view and feel both the minute and the expanse of the times in which it is set. The historical, linear narrative presents an opportunity for us all to ponder how and when personal action determines what happens - on a given day, in a particular life, for that person, for others, and on other days, in other lives, for us and for others. Melbourne is Carroll's city and it is through this new novel, this seamless, delicious read, that he presents a story of our home to us, and for us. A rare gift indeed.' - Christine Gordon, Readings

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Steven Carroll
HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
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