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The Incredible Adventures of Dog Mendonca and Pizzaboy, Volume 3: Requiem

Author: Filipe Melo  

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The third and final volume of The Incredible Adventures of Dog Mendonca and Pizzaboy by Filipe Melo & Juan Cavia. Civil war brews in the secret realm of monsters, threatening to spill over into the human world! Dog Mendonca and PizzaBoy must get their strange band of adventurers together one final time! A world-weary werewolf, a six thousand-year-old demon trapped in the body of a little girl, a nervous gargoyle and a former pizza delivery boy take a stand against a seemingly endless horde of angry creatures, led by an evil genius from Dog's past!

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About the Author

Melo wrote The Adventures of Dog Mendon a & Pizzaboy, a series of three graphic novels published by Tinta-da-China and Dark Horse Comics. The books feature forewords from legendary filmmakers John Landis, George A. Romero and Tobe Hooper. He frequently works with Argentinian artists Juan Cavia and Santiago Villa. In 2012 he was invited to write a story for the Eisner winning anthology Dark Horse Presents, also featuring works by Frank Miller and Mike Mignola.

He has won Best Script (2011) and Best Comic Book (2012) at Amadora BD with these books.

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Dark Horse Books | Dark Horse Comics
4th February 2016
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