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The Other Side of Happiness

Brock Bastian

  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 25th January 2018
ISBN: 9780241338391
The Other Side of Happiness
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  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 25th January 2018
ISBN: 9780241338391

Publisher Description

In the modern world, we have become addicted to positivity. We try to eradicate pain through medication and by insulating ourselves from risk and offence, even though we are the safest and most comfortable generation that ever lived. Yet social psychologist Brock Bastian shows that hardship and sadness are neither antithetical to pleasure nor incidental- they are necessary for happiness. In The Other Side of Happiness, he draws on psychology, neuroscience and internationally acclaimed research from his own laboratory to demonstrate how difficult experiences are ultimately proven to make us stronger, happier and more connected to those around us.

As Bastian shows us, the most thrilling moments of our lives are usually balanced on a knife edge between pleasure and pain, and carry the potential of loss, whether it is finding your true love, holding your newborn for the first time, scaling a mountain or even taking a dip in an icy sea. Rather than attempting to protect ourselves from risk or viewing difficulty as failure, The Other Side of Happiness encourages us to take a more fearless approach to living that recognises the meaning of pain in our lives.

Author Biography

Dr. Brock Bastian is a social psychologist. He was trained at the University of Melbourne, Australia and has since held posts at the University of Queensland and the University of New South Wales, where he currently holds a prestigious Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. Dr Bastian's studies have been reviewed in leading news outlets such as Time Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Economist, The New Scientist, Scientific American, CNN, ABC, The Globe and Mail, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, and he has been interviewed on international radio stations including the BBC and ABC. His presentations have also been included on the ABC Radio National Big Ideas podcast.

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Brock Bastian
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Embracing a More Fearless Approach to Living
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