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Predictive Analytics for Marketers

Barry Leventhal

PUBLISHED: 3rd February 2018
ISBN: 9780749479930
Understand how to apply predictive analytics to better manage a company and its resources more effectively, with this revolutionary book for marketing professionals.
Predictive Analytics for Marketers
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PUBLISHED: 3rd February 2018
ISBN: 9780749479930
Understand how to apply predictive analytics to better manage a company and its resources more effectively, with this revolutionary book for marketing professionals.


Understand how to apply predictive analytics to better manage a company and its resources more effectively, with this revolutionary book for marketing professionals.

Publisher Description

Predictive analytics has revolutionized marketing practice. It involves using many techniques from data mining, statistics, modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence, to analyse current data and make predictions about unknown future events. In business terms, this enables companies to forecast consumer behaviour and much more. Predictive Analytics for Marketers will guide marketing professionals on how to apply predictive analytical tools to streamline business practices. Including comprehensive coverage of an array of predictive analytic tools and techniques, this book enables readers to harness patterns from past data, to make accurate and useful predictions that can be converted to business success. Truly global in its approach, the insights these techniques offer can be used to manage resources more effectively across all industries and sectors.

Written in clear, non-technical language, Predictive Analytics for Marketers contains case studies from the author's more than 25 years of experience and articles from guest contributors, demonstrating how predictive analytics can be used to successfully achieve a range of business purposes.

Author Biography

Dr Barry Leventhal is a leading UK authority on geodemographics and a marketing analytics expert. He is Emeritus Chair of the Census and Geodemographics Group (CGG), which is an advisory board of The Market Research Society (MRS) and a leading voice in the UK information industry. He was recently awarded the MRS Gold Medal Award - the association's rarest accolade, presented for the first time since 2008 - in recognition of his lifetime of exceptional achievement and contribution to the research profession.

Table of Contents

Section - 00: Introduction to predictive analytics; Section - 01: How can predictive analytics help your business?; Section - 02: Using data mining to build predictive models; Section - 03: Managing the data for predictive analytics; Section - 04: The analytical modelling toolkit; Section - 05: Software solutions for predictive analytics; Section - 06: Predicting customer behaviour using analytical models; Section - 07: Predicting lifetimes - from customers to machines; Section - 08: How to build a customer segmentation; Section - 09: Accounts, baskets, citizens or businesses - applying predictive analytics in various sectors; Section - 10: From people to products - using predictive analytics in retail; Section - 11: How to benefit from social network analysis; Section - 12: Testing the benefits of predictive models and other marketing effects; Section - 13: Top tips for gaining business value from predictive analytics;


"Leventhal helpfully clarifies key concepts and gives sound and practical advice, drawing on his extensive experience in marketing. No matter how much you think you know about analytics, I suggest you read this book, apply it, and benefit from it!"--Paul Allin, Visiting Professor in Statistics, Imperial College London "Throughout, this is a very practical guide, with a number of marketing-focused case studies bringing the power of the analytical techniques discussed to life. A book that's very definitely not just for the shelf!"--Paul Cresswell, Head of Data Governance, Experian Marketing Services - Targeting "This book is an invaluable aid in the journey from big data to smart data usage, which is where competitive advantage rests. Leventhal delivers lashings of common sense based on erudition and experience, making this a very pragmatic and useful work."--Jane Frost CBE, Chief Executive Office, Market Research Society "I highly recommend this book both to those starting out in a career in marketing and to those seasoned marketers in need of some new tricks if they are to stay relevant."--Giles Pavey, Head of Data Strategy at the Department for Work & Employment and Former Chief Data Scientist at dunnhumby Ltd "Leventhal masterfully presents a complex subject in a highly accessible way, liberally illustrating the material with real-life examples from his own experience."--Professor David J. Hand, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Imperial College London and Chief Scientific Advisor, Winton Group "A comprehensive, engaging and accessible introduction to the increasingly important field of predictive analytics and marketing from one of the leading practitioners. Leventhal takes each of the main application areas in turn and focuses on how to generate value from data for your organization."--Tom Smith, Managing Director, Office for National Statistics (ONS) Data Science Campus. "In a world teeming with data, competitive advantage now firmly lies in how effectively data is analysed. This book provides a comprehensive guide on how to approach, execute, evaluate and get the most out of predictive analytics. It is very easy to read - even for the non-statistically minded."--Lynne Robinson, Research Director, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) "Leventhal has distilled his wealth of rich practical experience into a clear and comprehensive text, sharing best practice in methods for collecting data, building models, and operationalizing and leveraging the power of data to maximize economic value. A mandatory book for anyone working with customer data or predictive analytics."--Paul Cushion, Customer and Digital Associate, KPMG Management Consultancy "This is much more than a lucid and comprehensive textbook on predictive analytics. Leventhal's profound expertise shines through as he shares his thoughts from a practical as well as technical point of view. For businesses who wish to be data driven, this unambiguous and wise advice will provide an accelerated path to success."--Gordon Farquharson, Director of Analytics, more2 ltd "If you think predictive analytics is not for you, think again. It is vital for anyone in any management capacity. Leventhal's Predictive Analytics for Marketers is required reading for anyone who needs to understand the latest practical methods to segment and analyse data, whether for the public or the private sector, or to predict future success or understand reasons for failure."--Roger Holland, Executive Chairman, JICPOPS (the Joint Industry Committee for Population Standards) "Predictive Analytics for Marketers clearly explains the analytics process and its commercial context in language understandable to managers, marketers, IT specialists and analysts. It addresses the essential areas of communication between these specialisms, giving lucid accounts of the process of planning an analytics project, the importance of framing the business problem, and the need for its alignment with appropriate methods. Leventhal's book is a welcome addition, covering current topics in analytics clearly and insightfully."--David Harris, Product Development Partner, CACI Ltd.

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Barry Leventhal
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Using Data Mining for Business Advantage