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Sunday Morning Quilts Eco Pouch Set

Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison

ISBN: 9781607057901
Sunday Morning Quilts Eco Pouch Set
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ISBN: 9781607057901

Publisher Description

Durable, waterproof, and colorful, these zippered Eco Pouches keep small items organized. The two-pouch set feature images from Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison's popular Sunday Morning Quilts.

Author Biography

Considering that she grew up in a family of six children, it comes as no surprise that Amanda Jean is frugal. It is in her blood, whether she likes it or not, and it's reflected in her quiltmaking. Using up every last bit of fabric has become one of the trademarks of her quilts. Given a choice between using scraps or stash, she would choose scraps nine times out of ten. Amanda Jean can be found on the web at, which showcases the many ways she is living up to her blog name. Amanda Jean, her husband, and their children live in Wisconsin. They love living in a place where the local parade offerings include not only candy but also cheese curds and chocolate milk.

When Cheryl was a kid, her family bet her ten dollars that she couldn't keep silent for an entire family meal. It was the easiest money her family won. Cheryl never stops talking, let alone writing, designing, or cooking. This means she never stops creating. As a mother to three kids who have only two modes - awake and asleep - it also means she simply never stops. It might be her Ukrainian heritage and the work ethic that comes with it, or perhaps it is simply a matter of there always being something fun to do. In the midst of full-time motherhood, Cheryl finds time to write books, teach quilting, and maintain a small freelance writing career. Calgary, Alberta, is home for Cheryl, who lives with her wickedly handsome and sarcastic husband; two gregarious girls with enough wit, charm, and energy to feed a village; and one little boy who is happy to take in the day with eyes wide open. Her perfect day starts with tea and the family (wrestling match optional). Most likely it ends with a cocktail (gin in the summer and scotch in the winter) and conversation. And somewhere in there she will quilt.


Zippered pouches are made of recycled plastic that is tough enough for sharp quilting, sewing and art tools. Each has a square-toothed zipper and boxed corners for added stability. Both pouches feature quilt details from designers Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison's Sunday Morning Quilts book. The 8-1/2" x 4-1/4" pouch features Leaves and Vine quilt image and the 9" x 7" pouch features the High Five quilt image.--Creative Spaces: Quilt + Sew + Craft, November 2013 Something to hold all the necessities. Pretty and practical, sold as a pair, the Sunday Morning Quilts Eco Pouch Set will make a good gift for any quilter, sewist or maker. The colorful pouches are made of 100 percent recycled polypropylene and although they feel sturdy, they also feel pliable and pleasant to the touch. LIke a fresh blank journal, new pouches to hold things can sometimes seem almost too precious to use--anyone else relate to this? Well these little pouches invite use and even abuse--you know they will stay serviceable for a long time protecting their contents. Gather scissors, marking pencils, needle packs, threads and anything else needed for on-the-go-sewing along with these cool pouches, and the power of suggestion will be hard to refuse.--American Quilt Retailer, November 2013 You don't have to be a quilter to love these colorful zipped pouches featuring quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison. The patterns are included in their best-selling book Sunday Morning Quilts: 16 Modern Scrap Projects. We all love to get organized, so why not get organized in style? These bags are made of recycled plastic so they are tough enough to handle any of your sewing supplies. And since they are waterproof, they are excellent choices to carry makeup as well. The set of two pouches includes Leaves and Vine, which measure 8 1/2" by 4 1/4", and High Five, which measures 9" x 7". Why not create a display of the bags and the book? After all, if people love one, they are going to love the other and will be inspired to sew more with their scraps!--FabShop News, October 2014

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Amanda Jean Nyberg, Cheryl Arkison
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Stash Books
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Amanda Jean Nyberg, Cheryl Arkison
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United States