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Stef Ann Holm
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Delicious tension, hilarious wit, and heated passion make Stef Ann Holm's acclaimed Brides books the perfect place to spin dreams and reel in true romance....

Using an alias, stunt reporter Matthew Gage arrives in Harmony, Montana, to uncover the cheating going on in the town's famous annual fly-fishing contest — not to tangle lines with a husband-hunting miss. But as soon as Meg Brooks gets stuck under his hotel bed, he's “hooked” on her hoydenish charm. Besides, he hopes she'll provide him with insider information — and a few kisses — while he snoops around.

But innocent Meg believes Matthew is “Vernon Wilberforce,” a polite carpet-sweeper salesman, the gentleman caller of her dreams. As the fishy scandal threatens to upset Harmony, Meg employs every lure in the book to land Matthew. But her heart will be broken by a man who isn't what he seems...unless they each learn the truth: The best prize in life is given, not won. It's love.

Author Biography

Stef Ann Holm lives in Meridian Idaho, a small suburb of Boise. She has two beautiful daughters, and one space cadet dog who will stare for hours at any food substance. She loves hot summers, sunshine and floating in water—even if it's a plastic pool in her backyard. Visit her website at to read more about her fascinating (hah hah) life. Or you can write her the old-fashioned way at P.O. Box 1206, Meridian, ID 83680-1206

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