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BabyBjorn White Appetite High Chair 6 Months+

by BabyBjorn

$331.76 + free shipping
or 4 payments of $82.94
Ships from Australia
Expected delivery Mar 05 – Mar 06


Safely seated in smart design. In the BabyBjorn High Chair your child sits comfortably and stably from as early as six months, and can enjoy interacting with everyone else seated at the table.
Safety first. The safety table keeps your child securely in the chair and closes with a two-step lock.
Proper sitting position. The curved backrest hugs your child's body, and the adjustable table helps your child to sit comfortably upright.
Less mess. The smooth surfaces and detachable tray make it easy to clean by hand or in dishwasher. The safety table fits snugly against the child's tummy so that food does not fall into his or her lap.
Convenient. Easy to fold. When folded, it is only 26cm wide and is easy to store.

  • Weighs: 6 kg
  • Height when in use: 83 cm
  • Height/width/depth in transport mode: 50 x 44 x 25 cm
  • Complies with EN14988:2006 safety requirements

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Product Reviews

20 Sep, 2017
By David G
19 Sep, 2017
By Amber M
18 Aug, 2017
By Isuri W
17 Aug, 2017
By Fretchie K
16 Aug, 2017
By Euodias C
16 Aug, 2017
By Rachel C
15 Aug, 2017
Love the product but worried she may grow out of it very soon
By Wendy T
14 Aug, 2017
By Vanessa L
18 Jul, 2017
By Jayne
18 Jul, 2017
I bought the BabyBjorn high chair after having a Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero 3. I was already sick of cleaning that chair (after just 2 months) as I wanted to do baby led weaning and while compared to some chairs the Peg Perego is good, it was still annoying. A good cheap option is of course the plastic Ikea ones but I'm constantly tripping over the legs at cafes! Super fast delivery from the Nile - price was cheaper on their eBay store though... And I got it on a day when eBay was offering 20% off storewide etc. So price came down a fair bit. It was very easy to assemble. Just click click click. The opening and closing of the tray needs a bit of practice to get quick at it - I'm fine now but my mother struggles as the red button is a little stiff. Cleaning is a breeze. Honestly cannot underestimate the importance of that. I am concerned about how my son will fit into it when he's say 18 months (he is only 8 months now). I wish it had some adjustable heights so he could more comfortably sit at the kitchen bench.
By Erin L
18 Jul, 2017
By Carly W
07 Jul, 2017
Best high chair ever. And I'm the father. Worth the extra money
By Tim H
05 Jul, 2017
By Jihane m
30 Jun, 2017
Excellent! Easy to use, no straps and so easy to clean. Keeps them nice and upright and in a safe eating position
By Amanda S
11 Jun, 2017
By Samar M
10 Jun, 2017
By Danielle E
09 Jun, 2017
Great get it. Have never been more excited to throw out there rubbish IKEA high chair. Also love no straps. My son would get distracted with straps.
By Simone B
08 Jun, 2017
By Chiah M
08 Jun, 2017
Best highchair ever. I have a very active, strong, wiggly 1 year old and she can't get out of the chair! She has gotten out of all other chairs we have tried, even the ones with straps and harnesses. Highly recommend this chair.
By Evelyn C
08 Jun, 2017
By Matthew H
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