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Baby Nursery

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Baby Nursery

Before your baby was born, possibly even before you were expecting a baby you started to think about your baby’s nursery and what you would put in the baby nursery. There’s so much to consider from the colour of the walls and the wallpaper through to the type of equipment that you will have in the room.

The first thing you’ll consider is the baby’s cot. What type of cot do you want? Do you want one with soft sides and mesh, or would you rather one that has wooden panels? It all depends on the style of the room and how you want your baby to feel. There are so many options you can choose from when you shop with us. We have cots with mesh, little cots with removable sides, those you can travel with and many more. To complete the package we have cot sheets available in a variety of colours and sizes. Some of them are fitted to keep your baby nice and cosy when they’re sleeping.

When you have the cot, you’ll want to choose the toys that will keep your baby amused when you’re not with them in the baby nursery. We offer various toys for their amusement and we’ve had positive feedback from parents about our toys. Our toys can be used outside of the cot as well. They are suitable for bouncers or you can place them on the baby’s play mat.

At some point during the day and night, you’ll need to change your baby and that’s made easy with our range of changing cloths.

Your baby may not like the dark or you might prefer to leave a little light on in the nursery so you can easily check on them without waking them. That’s made simple with one of our baby nursery lights. We offer many more options for your baby’s nursery from brands such as Gro Company and Little Cloud.