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Sangenic by Tommee Tippee Nappy Bin Disposal Refill Cassettes, 6 Pack

by Sangenic by Tommee Tippee

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From Auckland
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Fits All Tubs

Twist & Lock away germs and odours with Sangenic Cassette refills.

Our Sangenic refill cassettes lock away germs and odours in advanced, multi-layer antibacterial film. Just drop a cassette into the top of the tub and it’s ready for use in seconds.

  • New cassette design fits all Sangenic tubs
  • Antibacterial protection – film kills 99% of germs on contact
  • 100 times more effective at odour protection than nappy sacks+
  • Each refill cassette lasts up to a month. Based on size 3 (5-9kg) nappies, using three nappies per day
  • Tested against leading UK supermarket brand nappy sacks

Compatibility: Works with all Sangenic tubs

Grey refill cassette made from 98% recycled plastic.

Product Details

Sangenic by Tommee Tippee

Product Reviews

10 Dec, 2018
Nice way to wrap and throw those stinky diapers
By Shaohen Y
10 Dec, 2018
By Catherine J
03 Dec, 2018
By Mark T
02 Dec, 2018
By Ajeshni S
29 Nov, 2018
By Emilie K
22 Nov, 2018
The nappy disposal system is so convenient and easy to use, the cartridges are a bit expensive to keep replacing but it’s a price to pay for convenience.
By Alaina B
19 Nov, 2018
By John S
18 Nov, 2018
By Rosie G
13 Nov, 2018
Great product
By Mignon B
12 Nov, 2018
Great value for money! Easy to order and speedy delivery too. Saw my friend had same nappy bin so told her about my experience and gave her your website details :D
By Megan A
29 Oct, 2018
By Paul S
15 Oct, 2018
Love the easiness of theses tommee tippee nappy bin dispenser! Has been a lifesaver and left our home nappy odor free for 5 months!! Thank you
By Shannon F
15 Oct, 2018
By Cindy G
14 Oct, 2018
Love it but would be great if it had an indicator when near end, like glad wrap has a sticker.
By Tanya F
11 Oct, 2018
By Lucy C
09 Oct, 2018
This system is the best as it contains the smells once plastic is twisted so the room doesn't smell horrible. Had tried using just plastic bags but failed. Highly recommend it to others
By Stephen Y
08 Oct, 2018
By Weka P
06 Oct, 2018
Great product, worth it
By Ruth N
01 Oct, 2018
Great quick delivery. Excellent product...
By adam s
28 Sep, 2018
By Paula S
27 Sep, 2018
By Leamington K
27 Sep, 2018
Very easy to use. I have alot of health issues & this system is the answer for my use. Solves my problems
By Elva L
24 Sep, 2018
By Alana M
15 Sep, 2018
By Daniel H
11 Sep, 2018
By Alexandrina M
04 Sep, 2018
This product is great value for money and a great system to keep nappy odour contained.
By Lisa J
04 Sep, 2018
By Country K
03 Sep, 2018
By Scott P
29 Aug, 2018
By James R
27 Aug, 2018
By Daryl T
26 Aug, 2018
By Sandy Y
23 Aug, 2018
By Ajay R
21 Aug, 2018
By Anthony N
21 Aug, 2018
Best price in all Auckland
By Amrita S
20 Aug, 2018
like everything
By Tanja R
20 Aug, 2018
Super convenient! Doesn't take alot of space so easy to move around. Love the easy friendly use and would definitely recommend! I love this product so much being a single mum! I save on time and it is easy to empty too.
By Rebecca J
20 Aug, 2018
By Kaitlin S
16 Aug, 2018
It's easy to use, effective and works well.
By Fenella J
15 Aug, 2018
By Emmy M
10 Aug, 2018
By Sulata G
07 Aug, 2018
By Bronwyn H
25 Jul, 2018
By Jacqueline B
25 Jul, 2018
This new one (black, lemon-scented) doesn’t seem to fit as well — the diameter is very slightly smaller. Otherwise pretty much works as advertised.
By Su Y
16 Jul, 2018
Great product at awesome cost
By Leigh F
16 Jul, 2018
By Kirsten W
15 Jul, 2018
Excellent product, really keeps the smells in, unlike the alternatives.
By German D
09 Jul, 2018
This is a lifesaver for the kids nursery keeping it smelling clean!
By Carolina D
05 Jul, 2018
By Alexis
03 Jul, 2018
By Erin M
03 Jul, 2018
They are great and easy to use.
By Emma C
29 Jun, 2018
By Lauren J
28 Jun, 2018
By Ania C
26 Jun, 2018
So much cheaper
By Amrita S
25 Jun, 2018
By Larissa O
25 Jun, 2018
By Azadeh H
21 Jun, 2018
Love the easiness of the product and the nice citrus smell.
By Tara G
13 Jun, 2018
By Tanya L
12 Jun, 2018
It's very quick and easy to change over/use.
By Danielle M
06 Jun, 2018
Very happy with this purchase
By James R
30 May, 2018
I like that they have a nice fragrance now
By Laura M
30 May, 2018
Easy to use and good product
By Kate M
27 May, 2018
Such a great product! Easy to keep nappies wrapped and sealed away. Saves plenty of time running to the rubbish bin every nappy change. Highly recommend this product for the nursery!
By Tamlyn S
26 May, 2018
Great product. So easy. Good price.
By Claire P
22 May, 2018
By Jannel F
21 May, 2018
By Rob H
20 May, 2018
By Tania C
17 May, 2018
Great product. Keeps those smells contained til empty time
By Stephen Y
17 May, 2018
We like how easy is to use it, but I didn't realize that the bags are not recyclable, but apart from that is a great product.
By Anayr C
16 May, 2018
By Rohan S
15 May, 2018
Way cheaper than anywhere else and it’s the upgraded anti-bacterial one too!
By Kate E
14 May, 2018
By matthew s
13 May, 2018
By Mark B
13 May, 2018
By Patricia S
11 May, 2018
By Amanda D
11 May, 2018
By Daniel H
09 May, 2018
Good delivery, product works well.
By David H
08 May, 2018
By June N
04 May, 2018
By Zubaid A
02 May, 2018
By Calvin W
26 Apr, 2018
By Debbie M
25 Apr, 2018
By Richard L
23 Apr, 2018
They are perfect and a good price
By jessie p
22 Apr, 2018
By Micheal E
19 Apr, 2018
By Khin C
15 Apr, 2018
By Hannah H
15 Apr, 2018
Easy to replace, reduces mess, and keeps the room from smelling - great product.
By Andrew V
06 Apr, 2018
So easy to use and makes nappy disposal a breeze. My 9 year old loves to empty the nappy bin!
By Ian T
04 Apr, 2018
By Caitlin H
03 Apr, 2018
By Hansni S
02 Apr, 2018
Pleased that they are recyclable now
By Madeleine Q
02 Apr, 2018
We have used this for 2 years. the recent box we got is now black cassettes which i prefer to the white colour. :-)
By Sonal W
29 Mar, 2018
Exactly what I expected
By Sharon M
26 Mar, 2018
Great price! Easy to use and fantastic to keep the nursery hygienic.
By Tamlyn S
26 Mar, 2018
By Catherine O
26 Mar, 2018
By Lisa P
26 Mar, 2018
Easy to use and light scent is nice to help cover up the dirty diaper smell.
By Laura M
26 Mar, 2018
Love everything, serves intended purpose, no complaints.
By Ella M
26 Mar, 2018
By Aislinn M
26 Mar, 2018
By Meagan N
26 Mar, 2018
I love this product. It's super easy to use and arrived really quickly
By Jess C
25 Mar, 2018
By Print P
23 Mar, 2018
Easy to use and keeps nappies out of the way while not having to leave the bedroom to dispose of them.
By Alexandra H
23 Mar, 2018
Product as expected
By Tiffany V
23 Mar, 2018
By Natasha A
22 Mar, 2018
By Kirsten W
27 Sep, 2017
By Lisa Z
27 Sep, 2017
By Bethany M
27 Sep, 2017
By Kate H
26 Sep, 2017
By Verity O
26 Sep, 2017
By Samantha M
26 Sep, 2017
By Kirsten W
25 Sep, 2017
By Tennille P
23 Sep, 2017
By Sarah M
20 Sep, 2017
By rachel f
19 Sep, 2017
By Vijay M
18 Sep, 2017
By Nik H
12 Sep, 2017
By natalie e
05 Sep, 2017
By Xiaochen L
05 Sep, 2017
By Ange O
04 Sep, 2017
By Megan B
04 Sep, 2017
01 Sep, 2017
Love the convinience of this product. We however do not twist each time we place a nappy in the bin as we found it wasted too much of the refill. So instead we only twist at the end and voila it works a treat and saves us.
By Kelly W
31 Aug, 2017
By Anna L
30 Aug, 2017
By Elizabeth N
28 Aug, 2017
By Kate A
28 Aug, 2017
great product
By Philip C
28 Aug, 2017
By Kelly R
22 Aug, 2017
Fantastic service, speedy delivery. Will be back for sure
By Print P
21 Aug, 2017
By Michelle C
19 Aug, 2017
Definitely the cheapest place to buy refills that I've found! Product works as expected and fits my Sangenic Nappy Bin perfectly.
By Hannah H
15 Aug, 2017
By Anita A
13 Aug, 2017
By Emmalene U
09 Aug, 2017
By Alex W
08 Aug, 2017
By Tara A
04 Aug, 2017
By Brooke C
04 Aug, 2017
By Toni M
04 Aug, 2017
By Camilla d
03 Aug, 2017
By James S
02 Aug, 2017
By Sylvia A
01 Aug, 2017
Great easy to use product. Just slip the cartridge into the nappy bin lid, pull a bit out and tie off. We unwind the plastic before putting a nappy in to save space. This means the nappies all end up in the same bubble rather than each nappy being tied off separately in the plastic.
By Laura F
27 Jul, 2017
By Georgette D
26 Jul, 2017
I gave it to my nephew and his partner for their new baby. From their reports it's easy to use and save a lot of work and smells!
By Louise Y
24 Jul, 2017
The change of smell in the mothers Room is a welcome relief and the unit is easy to use.
By Colin B
20 Jul, 2017
By Dave G
19 Jul, 2017
its easy to use and stops bad smell from spreading
By israfil b
19 Jul, 2017
By Jo M
13 Jul, 2017
By Tanya F
12 Jul, 2017
By Suwannee N
12 Jul, 2017
All good!
By Mark T
10 Jul, 2017
Such a great invention. Makes life a lot easier.
By Serita B
06 Jul, 2017
By Andy L
27 Jun, 2017
By Deborah G
23 Jun, 2017
Easy to use, lasts longer than expected and works really well to control nappy smells. Very pleasantly surprised!
By Lincoln P
22 Jun, 2017
By Kirsten W
22 Jun, 2017
Very easy
By Ritika K
20 Jun, 2017
Excellent value compared with retail. Plus timely free delivery
By Stuart Y
20 Jun, 2017
By senani g
19 Jun, 2017
It is very convenient to use, and to dispose of.
By Jan M
13 Jun, 2017
By Rachel
12 Jun, 2017
By Gail M
12 Jun, 2017
By Dino S
12 Jun, 2017
By Erin M
10 Jun, 2017
Fast and efficient
By Andrew T
09 Jun, 2017
Fantastic product! Easy to use & refill. Would highly recommend :-)
By Heidi B
09 Jun, 2017
By Rachel H
09 Jun, 2017
By Zi W
09 Jun, 2017
By Scallywags C
09 Jun, 2017
By Ayako S
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