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Baby Monitors

We’ve got visuals, copy. And sound, copy. The baby is sound asleep. Repeat, baby is sound asleep. Start mission coffee group, over and out. Watch out for your little one while you’re somewhere else. With one of our baby monitors, you’ll have an extra pair of eyes and ears but be in the next room. One of our monitors will let you keep one eye on bubba, so you can relax, work or catch up on that washing! Have peace of mind while your little one is sleeping on with a monitor from our range.

Our Baby Monitors have an impressive array of features. With thermostats, infra-red, 2-way communication and units that can surveillance multiple cameras, there’s something to satisfy even the most safety-conscious parent. Some even have ranges of up to 100 feet with audio-visual monitoring so you can entertain in the garden and know that your little one is blissfully still sleeping on. If they are not, you can even talk them back to sleep, with 2-way sound! Among the best in baby monitoring technology, our brands – Angelcare, Uniden and Motorola – ensure reliability and value for your dollar.

At The Nile, we are vigilant about amazing service. Our speedy delivery operates with military precision and will get your package to you wherever you are, with no need to run the gauntlet at the mall. Check out is fast and easy with top-level secure payment facilities with no need to sign in. Our customer care team is always ready to help with any questions – just give us a call or send us an email. Some of us have children too! We even offer change-of-mind returns so if it isn’t up to spec, you can try another. Find the best monitor in our range to watch over your baby.