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The Gro Company Gro-Egg Digital Room Thermometer & Night Light

by The Gro Company

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Peace of mind at a glance – the innovative Gro-egg changes colour to let you know at a glance whether the temperature of a room is too low, too high or just right, helping you maintain a safe sleeping environment for your baby. As an added bonus it even works well as a gentle night light.

A yellow glow suggests a comfortable temperature for children to sleep in, whilst a blue glow suggests it's too cold and a red glow suggests it's too warm. The colours act as a reminder for you to cool or heat the room, to modify the baby’s clothing, to use a different tog Grobag Baby Sleep Bag or for non-sleep bag users to alter the level of bedding.


  • Digital thermometer with permanent 'back-lit' LCD readout
  • Gentle night light
  • Instructions and safe sleep information enclosed
  • Mains powered (adaptor included)

Product Details

The Gro Company

Product Reviews

10 Dec, 2018
Its very easy, plug in, read or just go off colour. made me realise just how warm it is and since its been cooler both kids have been sleeping a lot better
By Annelies V
22 Oct, 2018
Love the groegg, wish i have one sooner. Highly recommend!
By Lucy L
16 Oct, 2018
By Renee P
25 Sep, 2018
Just knowing what the babies room temperature is allows us to control the overall house temperature. It’s very easy to use and a great product.
By Luisa F
24 Sep, 2018
Gives peace of mind that baby is not too hot or cold.
By Sandra B
18 Sep, 2018
Great for keeping a check on babys room temperature. Love that it's also a night light. Great product.
By Rebecca P
12 Sep, 2018
Super easy to use and puts my mind st rest as to room temperature for my children.
By Sarah B
11 Sep, 2018
Love the product.
By Leanne B
11 Sep, 2018
easy use
By Eileen S
10 Sep, 2018
By Purnendu R
10 Sep, 2018
Great product! Nice design and reliable.
By Claire W
07 Sep, 2018
By Rodger v
03 Sep, 2018
So easy to use, just plug it in and leave it & you can easily see if you need to make the room warmer or cooler by the colour on the egg. So simple! Great baby shower gift
By Alexandra P
03 Sep, 2018
Very easy to use and check if the room temperature is ideal. I hope they also have time on the egg In the future l
By Cielo
28 Aug, 2018
Using it in a baby's room to monitor the temperature of the room. It is fantastic as you can see by the colour of the egg what the temperature is.
By Marilyn D
27 Aug, 2018
By Jessica T
27 Aug, 2018
Very easy to use and a quick glance to check the temperature in bubs room
By Kim S
24 Aug, 2018
Love how it can be used as a nightlight too
By Erin B
23 Aug, 2018
By Rebecca W
20 Aug, 2018
The Gro Egg is a great little thermometer and works very well. A swivel cord on the back perhaps would have made it easier to position, but maybe that’s just the layout of our nursery.
By Sanaa A
16 Aug, 2018
I’m a first time mum, I love this room thermometer can tell quickly by the colour of the light if it’s to warm or cold for Bub and bonus it doubles as a night light
By Elizabeth A
13 Aug, 2018
By Ashlie K
07 Aug, 2018
By Babak m
01 Aug, 2018
By levi s
30 Jul, 2018
By Swee-Sing S
30 Jul, 2018
Liked it so much I bought a second one for my second kid’s room
By Fiona T
25 Jul, 2018
By Chris B
24 Jul, 2018
By Adam H
23 Jul, 2018
By Ashleigh-Hope B
19 Jul, 2018
By Jesse H
17 Jul, 2018
Love it - so easy to use and good to see the temperature in my daughter’s room
By Lucy T
16 Jul, 2018
Great product. Love having it for our newborn and I am sure it will be very helpful in the future also.
By Megan C
13 Jul, 2018
Hard to read in some lights and on some angles, but otherwise no complaints. We bought two separately, and both were delivered extremely fast.
By Nick E
03 May, 2018
So simple and easy to tell if I need to adjust the temperature of the room to keep my baby comfortable! Before I would turn the heater on thinking it was too cold when it was actually perfect!
By Emma D
02 May, 2018
By Adi
01 May, 2018
By Simranjot k
26 Apr, 2018
By Mark W
24 Apr, 2018
Good product excellent service keep it up
23 Apr, 2018
Love the simplicity of the product and that it can also be used as a night light
By Kelly S
20 Apr, 2018
Deadly accurate, we have an egg in each of our children’s rooms. Love this product!
By Melanie T
19 Apr, 2018
By Claire S
17 Apr, 2018
By Christine T
16 Apr, 2018
By Rhiannon H
11 Apr, 2018
Gr8 but the glow as a feature to help in the room could be better
By Rae T
10 Apr, 2018
By Ellen M
09 Apr, 2018
I bought this for my daughter who lives in New Zealand. She wanted one for the babies room her sister had one for her children. she is very pleased with it
By Susan H
05 Apr, 2018
Perfect - I don’t even have to look at the numbers, the glows and tells me if I need to make changes in baby’s room.
By Renee R
04 Apr, 2018
I have purchased 2 of these. They are great, one was a gift and they love it with their new born. My bubs is still on the way, but i look forward to using it myself. Really awesome.
By Angela G
04 Apr, 2018
So easy to see if the temperature is right.
By Lucie H
02 Apr, 2018
Fantastic product
By Rhiannon H
25 Mar, 2018
I bought this for a friend with a new baby. She's delighted with and has it strategically placed in the nursery for optimal use.
By Dianne R
23 Mar, 2018
By Maree S
23 Mar, 2018
By Annmarie C
19 Sep, 2017
By Ben S
16 Sep, 2017
Great length of power lead, clear and accurate display and a perfect night lamp.
By Bayden S
15 Sep, 2017
By Catherine k
01 Sep, 2017
By Peishi G
26 Aug, 2017
By Andrew H
22 Aug, 2017
By Rebecca B
19 Aug, 2017
Easy to use. Only downside is the blue light is v bright and sometimes wakes my son up
By Vanessa H
19 Aug, 2017
By Edward S
17 Aug, 2017
Love you can see the temp straight away and the colour
By Jessica G
17 Aug, 2017
By Ruth T
15 Aug, 2017
By Allison K
14 Aug, 2017
By Isabelle T
11 Aug, 2017
By Ashlee R
11 Aug, 2017
Easy to use and understand with the colour scheme, although the blue for cold is a bit bright as a night light
By Mia L
07 Aug, 2017
By Nicole K
05 Aug, 2017
Great product. Easy to look over and see what I need to dress my baby in. Very fast delivery.
By Emma F
31 Jul, 2017
By Kate K
31 Jul, 2017
By Kristy B
31 Jul, 2017
It's actually really easy to use. I was supposed to select 5 stars and it didn't select it for me
By Kylie K
29 Jul, 2017
By Amy P
25 Jul, 2017
Easy to use. Good length cord. Nice and bright and easy to read
By Claudia R
25 Jul, 2017
By Millie J
20 Jul, 2017
Simple, just plug it in. But would be nice to have usb recharging.
By Jason F
19 Jul, 2017
So easy to use- just plug it in! Easy to see at night just by looking at the colour to know which temperature range you're in. Not quite bright enough to use as a light in the room but would probably give a young child security as a night light
By Krystal S
15 Jul, 2017
By Hollie G
11 Jul, 2017
By Leesa K
09 Jul, 2017
Handy thermometer
By Jennifer R
05 Jul, 2017
05 Jul, 2017
Love the Gro-egg! Only thing I dislike is that when the light is blue it is quite bright so I turn it off at night and just use it when up feeding.
By Liv M
05 Jul, 2017
By Gemma W
05 Jul, 2017
By Anna C
29 Jun, 2017
By Rachel W
28 Jun, 2017
The light is too bright for my daughter to sleep with
By Leon
27 Jun, 2017
By Kim W
26 Jun, 2017
By Beth E
23 Jun, 2017
By Jane A
23 Jun, 2017
By Hernan E
20 Jun, 2017
By Stacy B
16 Jun, 2017
A must have for mummies!
By Ginny P
13 Jun, 2017
Love the gro egg! Super easy to use and it makes dressing my little one for bed hassle free!
By Petra E
12 Jun, 2017
By Marie-Claire T
11 Jun, 2017
By Rebecca T
11 Jun, 2017
Super easy to look into the room and see it's at a good temperature. Can't fault it. Simple, easy and does what it says. 5***** from us!
By Erin S
10 Jun, 2017
Awesome room thermometer! One quick glance is all you need to let you know if it's an ideal temperature. Love it, we have recommended to all our friends with a baby.
By Lucinda M
09 Jun, 2017
By Lai M
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